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Problem restarting (can only run in safe mode)


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So i just installed 10.4.3 and the installation went fine. At the end of the installation it wouldnt reboot on its own, so after 30 minutes I just restarted it.

Then when I booted up, it started working like regular, but then I got a message that said that I must restart my system.

I did and then nothing happened.

So I booted up in safe mode and I got it to start working but even in safe mode, it would not restart.

Then I thought maybe I had the wrong version of Mac Osx, but I guess I had the right version all along.

Has anyone had this problem?

What do you recomend?


ps, it took me forever to get my hard-drive configured and now it has! I am so so anxious to get this going!

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Intel P 4 socket 478 prescot 3.0gHz


JaS 1111a Generic Patch v4.2b PPF

ATI Radeon 9800

SATA HD (hasn't been an issue at all)


I think it might be a video card problem?


I'll run a -v and report the error

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i got the same problem, my computer doesnt restart. when doing -v i see that there is an RT2560 (wireless network card) that is trying to reconnect to the network. i guess thats just a problem with the driver not being able to halt itself.


so far the only resolution for that error that i can see is a timer bypass that will cut-off any services that don't take requests from system halt, or just a new driver all together.


sooooooo -v should tell you the problem. atleast i know it did for me.

fixing it is another story.


atleast its no harddrive read/write services running while i press reset, which is good

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