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  1. haha, i know what you mean. I would upgrade the ram to 1 gig in the iMac no matter what because I am buying this mac so that my graphic art, web development, and music recording can grow. So keeping in mind that this will be a very media heavy system, what do you think?
  2. I went to the online apple store just to start thinking about $ as I am saving up for my first mac. I was planning on waiting for the intel mac mini to come out and then get that, and then with that I figured that I must get a apple monitor with it, because whats a mac without a widescreen. So then I added the 20 in monitor to my cart as well just to see that my total was about $1500..for my mac mini setup. So then I went back to the homepage only to see that a 17 in iMac with intel core duo was only $1300! And that has a built in monitor so no need to go buy one. So now I have changed my plan and am thinking that I will now be saving up for a new iMac. Seeing as this will be my first mac (though am not completely Unexperienced with them), do you guys think that this is a good buy?
  3. I have the same exact problem. I have looked around and one person said that the problem was in video and that they could not display the opening movie when you first boot up a mac. Can anyone confirm this. (this is frustrating!!)
  4. The Intel chip is what I was actually waiting for. So when the Intel chips comes out for them do you think it will be a good buy?
  5. Problem restarting (can only run in safe mode)

    Specs: Intel P 4 socket 478 prescot 3.0gHz 512 SDRAM JaS 1111a Generic Patch v4.2b PPF ATI Radeon 9800 SATA HD (hasn't been an issue at all) I think it might be a video card problem? I'll run a -v and report the error
  6. I am considering buying my first mac. Is a mac mini a good choice? I would get the top option they have on the apple website. The new Osx .4.4 looks absolutly beautiful and I am switching from my PC ways. (am pretty fed of with windows) Could you guys help me with the pros and cons of getting a mac mini. thanks
  7. So i just installed 10.4.3 and the installation went fine. At the end of the installation it wouldnt reboot on its own, so after 30 minutes I just restarted it. Then when I booted up, it started working like regular, but then I got a message that said that I must restart my system. I did and then nothing happened. So I booted up in safe mode and I got it to start working but even in safe mode, it would not restart. Then I thought maybe I had the wrong version of Mac Osx, but I guess I had the right version all along. Has anyone had this problem? What do you recomend? ps, it took me forever to get my hard-drive configured and now it has! I am so so anxious to get this going!
  8. You must restart you computer problem..need help

    whoops sorry about that, i just looked and I am using 10.4.1, so that might be the problem.
  9. So i just installed Os X 4.3 and and doesn't seem to be able to shut down or restart on it's own. It couldn't restart when i finished installing it. I then booted in in safe mode and it booted fine but it still couldn't shut down. Now whenever I try to boot normally, the apple loading screen starts going like normal, then a screen pops up that says i need to restart the computer. I do and then i get the same screen. Has anyone else had this problem? Or have any ideas as to why I am having it.
  10. HFS+ question

    Thanks very much for the instructions and info. Works Fine
  11. HFS+ question

    how do i create a partition in Partition Magic without attaching a file system? (unallocated) (partition magic newb)
  12. HFS+ question

    So while running windows, what is the best way to partition a hard drive to a HFS+ file system. Is there a nice program for it?
  13. What would you PAY for a LEGIT copy of MacOSx86?

    I agree with the original poster. I am a A+ certified computer user and I make many home computer house calls. I've been using PC's all my life only because that is all I have ever known. I am sick of windows. They charge me a hefty cost for a OS that is vulnerable as all hell, and don't do anything about the millions of clients they have that don't know how to protect themselves against virus and etc. Just as of this week I have experienced the beauty of the mac os and I am a changed person. Name your price apple.