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My scores on a Core Duo are as low as a P4


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Hey yall


I have a Acer 5610. It has a Core Duo T2350 (1.86Ghz) with 2GB Ram.

I have leopard running from ToH, with vanilla kernel.


Everything seems to run fine (except my ethernet but we'll leave that alone.) except that I notice that my computer is a little slow.


so I go and run Xbench, and Geekbench.


I was right... it is slow. on Xbench, my cpu scores 33...............

and on geekbench, I score a 1000.....


what's going on? sysprofiler says both cores are running.


I've tried fsb= and cpus=1 but I get no better results...


thank you all in advance for any kind of insight. with these speeds Im not sure I want to keep leopard...


(ive tried flat img btw, same results..

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