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Finished Installing Leopard now need help


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Hey I just finished installing leopard on my pc using TOH install dvd RC2. Well everyting is working fine, I have full video with QE/CE, full sound, lan. So everyting works. Now I have couple of questions.


1) What in the world is EFI and do I need to worry about that?


2) What is vanilla kernal do I need to use it?


3) When i go to shutdown the pc the os shut off but the pc stays on, is there a fix for that?


4) This is on that is pissing me off, When I click on (About my Mac) icon to display my system properties the OSX restarts it self. I dont know why it is doing that. If any one could help with that please.

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i'm not a specialist, but when u've installed the ToH Rc2 (like me ;)) then u don't have to worry about PC_EFI and a vanilla kernel. i think this is another method to install Mac OS X on your PC.

We have nearly the same hardware components, but i don't have your problems, so i can't help you. ;)


But you can try another kernel. Do you have an IRC program? Download e.g. Colloquy. Connect to server irc.osx86.hu and search there for a new kernel. don't know if I'm allowed to post where you can get new kernels. Just ask the people over there. If you've found one, you can install the kernel with:

sudo -s
mv /mach_kernel /mach_old
cp /Directory/to/your/mach_kernel /mach_kernel
chmod 644 /mach_kernel

and reboot + hope, that it works :) I hope that will help.

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Hey there, here's some info, although you should have looked around a bit more as this has been addressed in many topics,



PC_EFI is a method of booting OSX on a Intel Core 2 Duo processor that allows you to run the original vanilla kernel that any mac you see in a store runs. It emulates real mac hardware in a sense (I think that is correct explanation, please correct me if I am wrong). You do not need to use the vanilla kernel, you can run your machine just fine without the vanilla kernel, it is more of an aesthetic feature for most I believe, and System Profiler will say your Hack is actually a Mac. It does however let you get the normal OSX updates, for example 10.5.1 with no hacking, this is a great benefit, not exactly aesthetic. For the shutdown fix, not sure about that, perhaps trying a different kernel may fix this problem.


Lastly for the problem you are experiencing with the About this Mac, this is the loginwindow issue I do believe, look around the forums should be a fix, there was one for Tiger, I believe it is the same for Leopard.


Furthermore, most people haven't responded not because they don't know how to help you but rather because it appears you have put no effort into finding the solutions as all of these questions can be answered either by googling or just searching the forum. I knew nothing about any of this until I researched it myself. So please for the sake of others try and perhaps put a little effort in first.


Cheers and Good Luck!

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