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Kalyway 10.4.10 (with patches) OSX wont restart


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Just installed Kalyway 10.4.10 (with patches) on Shuttle sd31p (945g motherboard, pentium d). When I select RESTART from the menu (or when I enter: shutdown -r now

from a terminal window) the OS appears to stop, the screen goes blank, but the machine never reboots. Halt does work and the machine powers off. Only restart does not work.


I have tried several options including power management (included and not included) BIOS patch, power bundle, but no luck.


I have also search google and cannot find any solutions (or even suggestions).


In prior release (uphuck 1.3), on same machine. restart works as it should.


Any suggestions?


P.S. I posted this weeks ago in the Kalyway thread but got no reply. PLEASE, ANYONE?

P.P.S. I Just installed on a new Shuttle SD39P2 and the same thing happens. I can't believe no one else has encountered this...

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