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no sound windows xp


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my friend has a computer and when he plugs in the headphones in the front of the computer and plays a cd there is no sound what could be wrong and how can this problem be fixed the computer came with windows xp and he has no internet access. can anyone tell me what to do to try to fix this problem


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You probably need to check the AUDIO-OUT jumper on your sound card (or mainboard, if it's an on-board model). This has to be set to route the audio channel to the front instead of the rear (see your user's manual to find out how to set the jumper).

The problem is that on many PCs with on-board audio cards, you can only have the sound coming either out the back or out the front but not both.

Also, make sure that the front output jack's cable is connected to the sound card.


Post back if you run into trouble.



Unplug the main power source of your PC before opening it and NEVER fiddle around with metal objects/tools inside your PC (in case you're planning on prying the jumper out with a screwdriver or something).

Avoid touching any electronic components inside the PC case. They may carry deadly voltage charges even with an unplugged power source.

You have been warned.





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