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Won't boot completely after installation


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I installed Leopard just fine (as far as I can tell).

Patched. Made bootable.


Loads up to the gray apple screen.

Doesn't go any farther.


Load with -x -v platform=X86PC (or any combination thereof -x -v etc.)

Hangs at various points usually after a part it says "WARNING - dsTouch: file was asked to be opened </Library/Preferences/DirectoryService/DSIsRunning>:"


Just can't seem to boot...This is a second install now over top Tiger because my first install of Leopard I did make it all the way to the first setup wizard but it wouldn't go farther there either. So I read you need a user directory setup from Tiger in that case. So I reinstalled Tiger, then Leopard.


I've installed OS X sooooo many times at this point.


Anyone have any good information? Thanks.

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