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  1. Mac OSX Lion on Ultrabooks ?

    Uh bro, ASUS didn't fail when copying the Air. I got one when it came out for my wife OVER the Air. It rocks. It wrecks the first gen Air and is just as good as the newer ones all except thunderbolt. The trackpad has a few issues, but other than that it's just as good as the Mac. Trust me, I use both. Though I agree with the point that for the hundred or two you're saving, you might as well get an Air to run OS X and then put Windows 7 on it. It's not worth it for that small difference. IF the Ultrabooks were more like $700 or $800 then yea...it would be great to put OS X on there.
  2. Cool! Works! Easy. But...it seems to have slowed down the mouse speed.... I have under mouse and keyboard settings the mouse speed max. But it's only about maybe a tick or two less than half way normally. I remember having the mouse speed at half or one tick below was perfect. Now I'm a little slower than that at maximum speed. The threshold is about 80...seems to work...but I guess that won't effect my mouse speed. Anyway to get the speed back up?
  3. Best Macbook Pro Alternative

    good choice =) I'm using an HP dv2000 special edition (-still- funny enough, available at best buy. cheap good. solid.) Leopard 10.5.2 has (almost) full support for it. -Headphones/Mic doesn't seem to work (but it may with the right fiddling), but speakers do. -Wireless doesn't work (I know people are working on getting drivers for that wireless) Hrm that's about it... Everything else works, full video support now to the graphics update. I believe the AIR notebook is to thank for that...I think it also uses the X3100 video card. The laptop I think now comes with 4GB or ram outa the box in Best Buy...crazy. Mine has 2GB...but if you're doing a lot of processing you'll want the 4GB. ...but if you really need heavy duty, you're best off with a more powerful desktop. The HP laptops though I find are GREAT convenient laptops with GREAT battery life, GREAT price, etc. and seem to work with OS X if you wanted to dual boot Windows / OS X. I run on an external drive...but with a generous 250gb drive... why not. I didn't want to experiment that's why =) Another good buy over at "that" store is the 320gb external self powered hard drive from simpletech (it's a western digital inside) for 150$ wow! go figure the things off the shelf in stores these days are pretty good.
  4. Remote Control in Leo

    Hm I saw this and thought, "that'd be cool if..." so...I have an HP dv2000 SE. Came with a remote for media center (not the most comfortable remote. it's small like the mac remote but not as nice to hold, odd shape). Anyway....the laptop does have a built in IR and this remote...and it works! woah. Crazy. Although I can't seem to find the button that brings up the menu. The up/down just scrolls up/down in browser. Back in browser history as well. The volume up/down/mute works. Ok..and as I just was afraid to push (but found out anyway) the "power" button on the remote puts the computer to sleep. When I saw it go black I was like {censored}..but the lights were still on so pressed again and voila. not to be off topic but the buttons along the top of the laptop also work to change volume and such. So since I have some inactive buttons....is there any application that can assign those frequencies? So I can map out the missing functions?
  5. Just wanted to thank Devin. I emailed him and probably did a good job bothering him =) But I finally got it working. Sad that the way I got things to work wasn't by following his instructions...so I thought I'd sure the process I went through. 1. I installed Kalyway 10.5.1 (have to run -x safe boot to load os x - resolution default vesa) 2. Then I ran Kalyway 10.5.2 Combo Update (this is a modified combo update, NOT the one from apple, it excludes some kexts and the kernel ... STILL running safe boot -x to load os x) 3. So I had the vanilla kernel from kalyway 10.5.1 and I wanted that back..so I installed the kalyway 10.5.2 kernel pkg (is it necessary for the 10.5.2 graphics fix?? don't know ... STILL running -x safe boot) 4. I then installed the graphics update (don't need -x safe boot any longer) That was it. Again, I can boot os x without -x (safe boot) and it boots fast. It immediately like magic also fixed my graphic card issue. Full support. It also fixed my audio somewhere in the process of steps 3-4. I then was able to get my network card working again (not wireless) by modifying a kext file. I have an HP dv2000 laptop (special edition). It uses the 1.5 Ghz Intel Dual Core (the lower bus speed guy that was so popular). X3100 Graphics card. Conexant audio. Yukon network card. .. but I'm not gonna sit and list all my specs here. I just wanted to share the method I used to get 10.5.2 working. Also some people worried about that graphics update...It worked for me, but heard it didn't for some....if you don't need it. don't do it. I HAD to in order to get graphic support. Hope this helps someone. I believe others have posted similar methods out there...using all Kalyway stuff. Vanilla kernels.
  6. Thanks for putting this all together. I found using a Kalyway 10.5.2 combo update worked for me (it's out there). I was using Kalyway 10.5.1...and the normal 10.5.2 update would lock up at 29% when installing. The modified 10.5.2 update worked perfect. It was modified so that a kernel and some kexts were removed. So I guess one of these files was locking up the system. Which of those are needed, which aren't, I don't know. What does it mean for future upgrades? Anyway. I'm still audio/video/network - less ... but that's off topic. -- I should also note I have to boot into safe boot (-x) always. Before 10.5.2 and after. I now load with -v hangs at some network thing...Is this the long boot everyone is talking about? I see black screen, text, and after a while the color wheel comes up spinning and you can move it with your mouse...but after 10min I gave up and shut down.
  7. can somebody analyze this please

    I have the same problem. It won't go any further without -x -v for me and usually hangs after ACPI_SMC_CtrlLoop: initCPUCtrlLoop - pmCPUControl ... yada yada then after that line it does say: display: family specific matching fails which usually it says the display: family specific matching fails and gets beyond it with -x -v, i'm unsure if there's a display issue or if its this other ACPI thing or if that's related. etc. But I believe I'm having the same issue as others here. Using the ToH dvd with some EFI patching among other things.
  8. Who thinks Vista Sucks

    maybe i'm the only one -- but i've not had any problems with vista. EVEN on an old AMD 1.6Ghz single core old processor. I had 2.75gb of ram.. but I just didn't run Aero and it was fine. It was slow for some things. Like unzipping files. why I don't know. winrar was faster. BUT I like it. On my new laptop it works even better. You do need a good bit of ram... and it does work a lot better on newer processors... BUT Vista is actually pretty good. I would even go ahead and compare it to things like OS X Leopard...Leopard is not without its flaws and its time machine feature is no where near as nice as Vista's methods. Vista brings a LOT of new features that are really good. I might be just as happy if these features were just made in a SP3 for XP though. The UAC is not a big deal for me. You can turn off all the "annoying" prompts for cancel/allow, continue, etc. But I like being reminded about what I'm doing. I like to know when I'm changing stuff around that could cause issues. I like the fact in feeling secure that other programs aren't installing themselves (easily) without my knowledge. Of course compare that to Mac and it's the same issue...because Mac OS X you're not logged in as root - so installing programs and running certain things (like web servers) requires you to click "ok" in the VERY least if you haven't set up a password for your account - or entering your password each time you run or install things. So what's the difference? Yes, you have to be careful where you install things (again like a web server) so it has proper permissions and access, but it's not a big trade off for the added security. Plus Vista is going to come out with a service pack which should give more support for hardware and fix a lot of minor issues. I think that's the only problem with Vista. It's made for newer computers so drivers can be a pain in the rear... but again if you want to compare apples to oranges... OS X has an incredible lack of support for hardware . You just don't see it. Why? Because you can only buy Macs that have specific hardware in them that have proper drivers and support. You start trying to put OS X on various other machines and you'll see its short comings REAL fast. So getting a Mac - it works GREAT out of the box. It's ironed out. Same can be said for a properly setup Vista machine with compatible hardware. It's when you f- with it that things get messed up. Keep your computer clean. Do some work to keep it clean maybe each month...maybe scheduled tasks (people usually forget that wonderful feature) and keep anti-virus/spyware on it - a decent one - and you're good to go. Hell I just use AVG and Spyware Doctor. That's $30 a year and free for the AVG. I have no problems with Vista.
  9. edit: correction, audio not working. was working in tiger. trying to see if i forgot something..
  10. Leopard 10.5.1 working. Well almost. Things that don't work: Wireless Network Card Headphone Jacks (probably mic too) HP Webcam Built-in Card Reader Things that do work: Internal AND External display for X3100. (with mitro's Natit.kext) Marvell Yukon Network card (modified kext plist) Integraded Conexant Audio (modified kext plist) All other major devices. ---- So. Yes, major thing is this is another laptop with confirmed internal X3100 support. Sorry for those who can't get it working...It frustrated me to no end for a while and I could only imagine exhausting every lead and settling on waiting. However, for those with a similar laptop here who thought the internal display doesn't work..it does. It just required a modified kext. How was it done? I followed the EFI guide with the ToH DVD, upgraded to 10.5.1, installed some modified kext files. Did some plist modifying of my own (as per instructions, but specific to my hardware). Real quick: 1. Installed ToH on a GUID partition (following the EFI guide that is stickied) - of course no boot. So after following that guide setting up the EFI, it becomes bootable. 2. Came back to installation DVD terminal - installed postpatch.sh 3. Booted with params: -x -v platform=X86PC (I don't know where I picked up the platform part but it seems to work for me...but strange thing is, booting up almost seems random so it may work w/o that and it may also only boot if you specify "Graphics"="1024x768x32@60" too, I've been through them all...imagine restarting over and over and over...maybe I'm crazy but I still boot like this) 4. Right so the endless setup cycle...I personally overcame this by transfering a user from another Mac via firewire...most people probably don't have the luxury of owning a Mac so this may be out unless you can somehow sneak gear to an Apple store Alternatives...Install Tiger first (watch your partitions and make sure its GUID and will jive w/ the EFI guide). Load Tiger. Get a user. Install Leopard. Second alternative would be to maybe copy over a user off a USB drive, I'm not sure if it would work though. May be more involved than just copying the /Users/name/ folder. 5. Got network card working. Search "Yukon" on the forums here I think I was reading this: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...rt=#entry118887 6. Updated to 10.5.1 (now that there's internet) 7. Got mitro's Natit.kext - this entails removing an IntelIntegratedFrameBugger kext as per Paulicat's post and kext..only his Natit didn't work for me, mitro's did. I glanced at the plist files in each and noticed mitro's has the X3100 listed in there while paulicat's didn't. It only have GMA950 listed. By the way - 1024x768 is what you're dealing with on your internal monitor until you can get a modified Natit.kext file. paulicat's gave me external only - any res. mitro's gave me internal and external any resolution. 8. Go into the DVD's terminal again because if you're in -x -v you probably aren't able to install those kext's properly...and the safe mode is restricting you from setting proper permissions. So in the terminal from the install DVD, repairing permissions doesn't hurt, but you're gonna have to chown and chmod that Natit.kext file. This is step 8 (wow coincidence) of ggavalas' instructions here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...rt=#entry510810 Follow his and i__am..me's instructions in the EFI guide found here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=73952 as your guides pretty much. I found a combination of both to work. 9. Restart - you should be good as long as you don't see any messages about kext's being installed inproperly. 10. Audio - I found a modified AzailaAudio to work for me....though I had to edit the plist file to include my sound card device id. Search the forums on conexant and azailaaudio etc. you should find info about it. It was similar to the network card. So that's it. However, I still boot with -x -v platform=X86PC... I gues -v is optional, but the point is I'm booting into safe mode. I don't know if platform=X86PC is required...but it seems to work for me...and it also seems almost random how my Leopard boots. Sometimes it gets stuck. With -v I can see where (and it varies) but most the time around the part about GFX: 0 something or another... Anyone have any ideas? I'm sitll gonna keep going through it all to see if I can figure it out, I've spent a crazy amount of time getting this all to work. Trying to remember what I did and backed up kexts and set aside good kexts, etc. I hope this info helps someone else out there. Looking forward to the future where installs are a bit more automatic (Tiger was definitely easier and worked for me w/o -x -v, etc.) and looking forward to the Intel Pro Wireless 3945 drivers to mature. Thanks to everyone out there that helped me. Fyi - the HP laptop is nice, if you're in the market for a good cost effective (as good as you can get for walking into Best Buy) and sharp looking, has nice artwork and finish - long battery life laptop. It's lower end Santa Rosa, integrated graphics (as you know by reading this), but massive 250GB hard drive (for those daring to partition for a dual boot) and great price. Not to sell HP (this is my first one, I normally put together custom machines). I'm imagining as better driver support comes out and prices drop (even more) on this laptop, it won't be bad for a hackintosh.
  11. ok used the postpatch script. it doesn't seem to panic now but it gets stuck with video. problems with x3100 perhaps..? so i loaded with "Graphics"="1024x768x32" to see if I could get basic resolution. worked. but now it's asking me to register and move over an account or create a new one...can't create new one, it just goes back to the beginning asking me to select a language. I've read about this issue before -- and I didn't have Tiger installed first because I reformatted for the GUID partition. So I didn't have a user account - but I do have a Mac at work, perhaps I can use firewire to transfer that account... Any thoughts? Thanks. -- edit --- I got it booted finally...took a bunch of tries. specified in the startup -x -v "Graphics"="1024x768x32@60" (edit again: actually, it only seems to work once in a while like this, gotta restart over and over til it works) and it worked... i'm assuming there's issues with my intel 965 / x3100 video card. i saw drivers for it but can't find them now on the forums. burried under 50 million posts. i swear once i get this setup i'm gonna setup some sort of page that just has a list of stuff. finding files is nearly impossible on here. i don't think a million replies under guides and important info is necessarily bad - i just think burring links to file somewhere in the middle of those million replies is bad. should be at the top of the order/new thread. anyway. any ideas? is it some kexts i can get and update? i had to create a new user on a real mac and use firewire to transfer it to get past the annoying setup screen. edit: changed some things, appears to boot to just a blue blank screen now - i'm assuming thats on external display. have to hook it up to external monitor to test. still though i'm curious why sometimes it doesn't load all the way. and i always have to boot -x -v (at least i think, maybe it's just randomly not loading all the way) ok and now the screen went black after it was blue for quite some time. computer still running...i don't know...
  12. I have absolutely no clue what any of it means... Thanks so much for your time. I REALLY appreciate it.
  13. says something about: Extension "com.apple.driver.AppleACPIPlatform" has immediate dependencies on both com.apple.kernel and com.apple.kpi components; use only one style. mbinit: done Security auditing service present BSM auditing present ... Mac OS version: Not yet set Kernel version: Darwin Kernel Version 9.0.0 I can attach photos of the screen if need be.
  14. does this work with the ToH Leopard disc? I couldn't get it working, kernal panic. and i followed the instructions properly.
  15. I installed Leopard just fine (as far as I can tell). Patched. Made bootable. Loads up to the gray apple screen. Doesn't go any farther. Load with -x -v platform=X86PC (or any combination thereof -x -v etc.) Hangs at various points usually after a part it says "WARNING - dsTouch: file was asked to be opened </Library/Preferences/DirectoryService/DSIsRunning>:" Just can't seem to boot...This is a second install now over top Tiger because my first install of Leopard I did make it all the way to the first setup wizard but it wouldn't go farther there either. So I read you need a user directory setup from Tiger in that case. So I reinstalled Tiger, then Leopard. I've installed OS X sooooo many times at this point. Anyone have any good information? Thanks.