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OK the problem was 2:


1) leopard could be installed only with bios 1.20, if u use other u need to downgrade


2) in my experience tiger not worked but leo yes

the installation directly from toh without tiger was made in this way:


launch dvd toh rc2

launch disk utility to initialize the hd macos journaled

launch terminal and write:

/usr/misc/script.sh "hdnameyouhaveselected"


and the system goes fine

now i have only problem to drivers and so but i can do


my system shows me a inter core 2 solo but my processor is duo why???




if someone could write the problem on wiki i could be usefull for other with conroe 1333 g lan (the wiki reports normal conroe 1333)

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System Profiler will show Core Solo until you update the kernel and use a patched AppleSMBIOS.kext


Now you have Leopard working, you should install EFI and replace the kexts with those from a retail Leopard DVD (the ToH DVD has a lot of hacked or Tiger kexts which don't work with EFI properly).


Then you can use the vanilla kernel.

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