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I successfully got Mac OS x86 10.4.1 to work w/VMWare. Networking, iTunes, DVD Player work.


Applied Maxxuss Patches.


But the only problem is, it is slow. It's usable, it just gets annoying at times. I deleted the AppleTPCM.kext file (If I remember the name correctly), that gave me a nice speed boost.


I've tried duel-booting Mac OS x86 on my Dell computer three times, each time after a few times rebooting getting an "Error Loading Operating system" message and having to reinstall WinXP, Mac OSX.




That got annoying so I switched to VMWare. No Error Loading Operating System so far, it's quite nice.


I'd like to either speed Mac on VMWare up (I've tried closing all Windows background tasks, a slight boost), or duel-boot this so I don't have WinXP in the background, but avoiding the "Error Loading Operating system" messsage. Because that is what I call "The Death Screen" for WindowsXP and all my games, lol.


Can anyone help me?


Here's one more problem, I cannot hear any sound. In SYSPREF's Audio section, it says I don't have any Input/Output hardware. And I applied the Maxxuss sound patch and it didn't seem to work, I'll keep trying it (I'm using the sudo command and it works flawlessly).


I have SoundMAX audio, is that the case? When I used to run Mac OSX off the duel boot, I had sound right off the bat, along with the internet.





Dell Dim. 2400


GF5200FX 128MB RAM Overclocked at 485MHz @ 390MHz




6GB HD IMG for Mac OS x86 version 10.4.1 (will 10.4.3 have a speed boost?)


SoundMAX audio


Intel P4 2.53GHz


Unkown Dell Motherboard (Hot wired in so it must be a cheap one, no AGP or PCI-Express).


(Operating systems listed from Duel-Boot screen:)


Windows XP Service Pack 2


Windows XP Service Pack 1 (Don't get why there's a choice, has always been that way)


Mac OS x86 (Gives me error message saying "Chain Boot Error" because I removed the partition Mac was on).


Thanks so much, and if your still reading sorry for the long post.. I type too much.

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