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New to Leopard, Need help


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Greetings All,


I wanna say that this looks like a great forum. I've got some questions..


First of all.. Is it possible to install leopard on a desktop pc?


Second of all.. If yes, does it support my following config:


Intel Pentium D, 2.8 Ghz

2 GB Ram DDR400

Asrock conroe 865PE


Geforce A7600 GT, 256 mb


Third of all, if somebody can give me a torrent title so i know if i download the correct thing if ever


Thanks all!

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Yes it's possible to install Leopard on a PC and as to whether your system is compatible I suggest you look it up in the OSx86 Project Wiki (top right) or/and do a search for it. The Leopard section of the wiki isn't look too full at the moment because Leopard is knew and we haven't had enough people submitting their successes so consider looking into Tigers HCL. That might give you some indication as to whether Leopard will work.


Also I've moved this thread to OSx86 Installation: OSx86 10.5 (Leopard) where your question is better asked.

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