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Trying to install Tiger on a hackintosh


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Ok, bit of a noob here. I've searched the forums for some time and none of the guides seems to help me out.

I have XP instaled, then I burned a Tiger image to a dvd and created a hfs partition on the hdd.


When I put the Tiger dvd in the drive, it lets me install it on the chosen partition, I've already erased it, ready to install. It installs and then reboots.

When it comes back from reeboting if I leave the dvd in the drive it just asks the same thing, if I want to install it. If I get to the darwin loader, I can only boot windows, the mac partition won't start, that -v command doesn't work, nor the ? command.

If I remove the dvd from the drive it just says it can't boot the operative system.


I used uphuck's tiger dvd by the way.


Any idea what I'm doing wrong here ?


Thanks in advance everyone, great forum !!!!

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