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Buying a new computer (LEOPARD)

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Hi all,


At the end of this year I'm going to buy a very cheap PC which I want to run Leopard or at least Tiger. Now the PC must be pretty cheap, so I've thought up the following:


- Intel Celeron D 331

- Gigabyte GA-945GZM-S2, 945GZ

- IDE 70GB

- Simple IDE or SATA DVD Reader


Now my question is, how will Leopard run on this? I already know from Here that everything including Audio and Video is working on the Motherboard. But will it be enough to run Leopard?




A veryveryvery-soon happy mac-using human :angel:


Note: Games like Starcraft, would they work OK with this onboard video?


Also: how much RAM would you recommand? 512, 1024, 2048?

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