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Installing through VMWare works, can't boot natively


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After having run 10.4.3 (8F1111A) on my desktop for a bit now, I decided it was time to make my laptop part of the family.


After patching the ISO to suit my laptop (Celeron M, 512Mb RAM, SiS 661FX chipset), I installed OS X via VMWare onto the second partition on the hard drive.


The installation completed, and after rebooting the machine, boots into Darwin. It goes through most of the startup tasks (running in verbose mode) and then hangs at:


BSD root: rdisk0s2, major 14, minor 2


I left it over night, and alas it had not moved any further.


If I boot it in VMWare, it boots fine, and I get into OS X. I tried specifying another rd in the startup, but if I try anything else I either get Waiting for root device, or a kernel panic.


Anyone experienced this or know a way to fix it?





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