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Leo + Sigmatel 9200

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This kext is built to give information to you for you to post back here. That's all that it does. This kext is designed for the SigmaTel 9200, but should work for anyone with an ICH7 chip, device id=27d88086.


This kext reports the device ID of any HDA codec of any brand as long as it meets the specifications of the Intel HDA Standard.


Even If you do not have a SigmaTel 9200, you can use this program to read your HDA Codec device ID.


If you DO have a 9200, This kext will report correct values for pin widgets inside your audio codec.


To load this kext, RESTART YOUR COMPUTER with all AppleAzalia and AppleHDA kexts disabled. this is the only way to get the information stored in your codec's verb table by bios. Then open up terminal and browse to the folder where the kext is. use

#sudo -s 
password: <---- type your password when sudo asks for it
#chown -R root:wheel SigmaTelAudioDriver.kext && chmod -R 755 SigmaTelAudioDriver.kext

to set the permissions. then, open up another terminal (COMMAND+N) and type:

#tail -f /var/log/system.log

go back to the first terminal and type:

#kextload SigmaTelAudioDriver.kext

you will see the other terminal window scroll. Find the indicated information and post it here for driver development. If you have problems with this sequence post here. Others may assist you, but I dont have the time to help newcomers load kexts (sorry). Please report any SuperClass Changed kextloading errors. This was built on 10.4.7 so if you are running anything prior to 10.4.6 this may not run.







if i do this, would you think it will work on Leo?


do i DL verison 2 or 3?


>>To load this kext, RESTART YOUR COMPUTER with all AppleAzalia and AppleHDA kexts disabled.

can i rename it to make it disable

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