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  1. i just avoided the hassle and just reinstalled the os i tried your latest package; there was something wrong with the applesmbios - error was that it was installed improperly, go reinstall it also, something was wrong with the 9200 sound - it was muted and couldnt change it reinstalled with .3.3 worked fine on both cases
  2. i have no clue what to do with the kext
  3. i just used the post-installer the first time, i installed the sound and few other drivers (no wifi) booted, logged in, works fine, except screen resolution stuck at 1024x768, i added 1440x900 to the com.apple.boot.list, restarted nothing happened so i ran the post-installer again to install the video driver -> 950 restarted, and i get a stuck screen at after the os loads, then i booted with -v and it hangs on this line: airport_brcm43xx: ethernet address: (mac address) now i got this before and i did a fresh install, the first time i thought when i used the post-install, i had the wifi driver checked off and i thought there was a conflict, but now it doesnt seem so how do i fix this?
  4. well, i got the same error, and it's just changing the flags, i dont think the matter of having grub installed or not would change that anyways, i used super grub and restored grub i asked someone, and he said the HFS+ partition error comes from kalaway and having the osx86 in the 2nd partition, i dont know if there's any truth to that though
  5. i did tried this and i cant boot into grub anymore: 1 = xp 2 = osx86 3 = ubuntu at first, i changed flag to 2 but it didnt boot and got the same hfs+ partition error, so i changed it back to 3 where grub is (it's in the same partition as the linux right), i get a blank screen with a flashing underscore, then i changed flag to 1 and it booted into xp so now i'm stuck without a grub menu and it wont boot into the ubuntu partition
  6. hfs+partition error

    havent touch this in a month anyone of help, the above ^^^ doesnt work i'm guessing it a grub related boot parameter thing
  7. hfs+partition error

    link again, the url is cut
  8. hfs+partition error

    not sure pc_efi, just whatever the kal dvd was the grub menu is: title mac osx86 leo root (hd0,1) makeactive chainloader +1 this is what i did to boot to [ToH] installation grub is in my ubuntu partition
  9. hfs+partition error

    too bad my os' are all on the same hd bump
  10. hfs+partition error

    to be specific, for mac: sudo -s, flag are command not found
  11. after installing, i get b0 error, so i just reinstall grub then i boot from the mac partition, and the the hfs+ partition error i tried something like this: fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 flag 1 update write quit then tried (for linux): su fdisk /dev/hda p (lists partitions) t (assigns a type) (Choose the Mac Partition) af (changes type to af) w (writes the changes to the disk) both doesnt work
  12. i installed it, then at the end, i got an error sign something about not making it bootable and i restarted, it didnt even load grub (i have xp and ubuntu also), and got an b0 error nvmd, i semi-fixed it leopard installed good, but b0 error upon boot, i probably need to install grub again. still have my ubuntu cd, but dont know how to just install grub