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Q6600 Clockspeed displayed incorrectly

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Hey People


Now that I got my Hack Pro working correctly I'm really trying to iron out all the small kinks.


Two of those are my CPU and GPU reading is wrong in the System Profiler. My Q6600 is read as running at 4ghz while it is actually clocking in at 3.2ghz.

My 8800GTS is also displaying it's RAM as being 256mb rather then the correct reading of 640mb.


What I want to know is if they are only being READ incorrectly or if they are actully running incorrectly. I find it highly unlikely in the case of the processor, but the GPU memory could be limited in theory, but I'm hoping it's just a file I can edit. Isn't there any way for me to get these to READ correctly? I've already checked my settings in the 8800GTS installer and everything is correct there.


Any help would be awesome..

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