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hackintosh 10.4.8 problem


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have a problem with my system with macintosh 10.4.8

the instakation works perfect only i cant get him started when he's installed.

you see the apple boot screen but then he stops to turn around the apple.

and then with the boot screen he's beginning to speak to me and i can't see anything!

do you know whats that problem is?


My system:


Amd 4600+ X2

3 gig ram

ati hd2400xt

my motherboard winfast 6100m2ma



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Push F8 at start.


then try various boot options:


-x is the equivalent of safe mode


-v to the command line and your will get some text that helps you track down the problem

-legacy might help you get further too...

or then there is also -f or -s but then things might get too complicated for a beginner.


MAYBE the easiest is to try a re-install (I recommend to re-erase the install disk in disk utility)... BUT DO NOT add any video patches (can do this after install works) nor any patches you are not ABSOLUTELY sure you need.

Really go for the minimum first... you can always tweak later after successful install/boot.


good luck,


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