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Need help adding 10.4.10 to Vista pc.


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I had the scariest moment in my computer life a few minutes ago. I installed 10.4.10 kalyway on an extra hdd i had laying around to see if it would work (which it did perfectly) so i decided to erase my xp partition and go with osx/vista. Long story short, my mbr took a dump on me and 2 hours later i finally have it fixed. So, now i am looking at this: I have a 30 unformatted partition, a 30gb vista partition, and a 100gb storage partition. Whats the easiest/safest way to get 10.4.10 onto that unallocated space? I tried the disk tool on the install cd but it kept threatening me with erasing all my partitions. Anyway, right now im too scared to do anything on my own so i figured asking for help would be best.

Thanks a bunch!

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