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OS 10.4.10 Cant install x86 version?


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Ok i was all excited i found this website:HERE and downloaded it YAY BUT! i started going through it got to choosing the compants choose a few that looked OK started validating the CD then when it was about to start installing it said that it has a error and it said to try to install it again laterWhat Should i do? because i found some other releases and i have started downloading them VIA torrents that will take a few days to download with only 5 SEEDS is there something im doing wrong?Please help guys went on IRC and everyone was fooling around



This is my Computer SpecsCPU (from cpu-z):intel Pentium D 920 3.20GHZ Dual CoreInstructions:MMX, SSE, SSE2,SSE3, EM64THard Drive:2TBMemory(RAM):4GBMotherboard:Asus P5(Something Cant Remember)What Is Wrong I thought my computer will be good enough with all that??

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