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No sound


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saw my bro's mac and wanted to see what's so great about it

anyways, so i finally got it working after 7 installs


it feels sluggish i dont know why (especially the very first boot when you get that welcome video, i only saw like 5 frames of the entire thing lol), i'm on a core duo 2ghz w/ 1gb ram


anyways, i've got no sound and dont know what to do

i have a dell 640m, the sound card is Sigmatel 9200


i have a feeling the system is sluggish due to the video card (Intel 945GM Graphics)


also, i could only boot into leo when i disabled speedstep in the bios

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I am a starter,my notebook is 640m too,

I select the second option of sound output table,then it work well.

After test many driver,I found the GMA950 video card need this patch to recover the same folder in /System/Library/Extensions

Then for the Core2 CPU working well,I select this kernel,recommand you have a test.

I can not give attachments,so give them url:


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