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Problematic iBook...

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Lokking on eBay i foud an iBook G4 with following problem:


Seller told me: "The problem seems to come and go. Yesterday when I cleaned out the hard drive and restored the software it worked for hours without a hitch. Sometimes it may work for a while and then suddenly the screen goes black and other times it will turn on with a black screen and the fan going at full speed (this laptop is normally almost completely quiet). Whether it will get worse over time, or not, I don't know, but it does need to be fixed in order for the laptop to be dependable."


Did someone here experienced that problem?(probably...) What could it be? Is it an easy fix?


I don't have a lot of money to spend (about max 250$ incl. shipping), i wish to find a broken iBook/Powerbook G4 wich could probably be easely fixed by someone good enough at computers... ME. A faulty logic board isn't (i think) fixable so it's out of the question. A broken HD that i don't care dismantling an iBook to change it. If the earlier mentionned problem is related to the graphics chip it would be great as it could probably be fixed by adding pressure on the chip...


Well anyway, what do YOU think?



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I personally haven't dealt with this kind of problem, because I use a c2d iMac and a core duo MacBook, but it sounds to me like it could be something simple as a faulty connection between the graphics chip and the logic board. It could just need a new ribbon cable, or just need to be reconnected. Also, resetting PRAM's could fix it. I'm not thinking that it's a logic board failure problem, though.


Maybe a new graphics chip? But it does sound like an easier fix to me. Just try resetting PRAMs, repairing disk permissions, and verifying the HD.


It does sound to me, though, that this is easily repairable.


Best of luck!

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A faulty connection between the graphics chip and the logic board would be practically unfixable (it's a BGA-mounted chip, so you can't even see or reach the solder points).


But it's most probably not the graphics chip, see:




So it's a faulty logic board but sort of temporarily fixable. I would stay well clear of those iBooks.

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