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Leopard asks me to restart computer


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Hello, I am a complete newbe here and I am trying my first install.

I am using a Brazilmac Patched DVD. The DVD boots but when I get the apple logo in the grey screen ater about 2 minutes it tels me that I need to restatrt my computer in 4 languages.

I think I am doing everything as in the instructions.

Thanks for any help.


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M8... you need to press f8 when it asks you to "press any key to boot"...

then -v to enable verbose (text mode)

try -v

then when it stops take a picture with a digital camera and upload here.


you can try booting with -v -x

-v -legacy

-v -x -f cpus=1


It could be anything .There are loads of information here to sift through . Im sure you problems will have been covered before



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