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New successful installation of Leopard


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last night I got Leopard finally installed on my spare PC. The PC is based on an ASUS P5E mobo with an Intel Core Duo Quad-Core Q6600 proc and 4 GB of RAM. It took a little bit of work getting it to work, but thanks to this community, it worked in the end, so I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everybody on this forum for the awesome work they are doing. :P


My only issue after the install was that Leopard would only see 128GB out of my 250GB SATA drives. I went on the IRC channel last night and someone, thanks amras and toplock, pointed me to a patch.


I downloaded the patch, but couldn't apply it as Leopard doesn't boot anymore after doing a software upgrade. I'll try the install again.


Anyway, thanks everybody and keep up the awesome work.

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Hi there,


Congratilations on the install, but what kind of workdid you have to do?


I have the same motherboard, and a 750GB HD, and a E4300 proc.

Installing from a SATA DVD drive.


The installer starts fine, but stalls during til "installing" phase.


My question to you my dear sir is then:


What are thou BIOS version and settings, and what cavats should i be aware of?






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