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  1. The USB fix is described in the beginning of this tread. I use the plist that is in many of the zip's and i put in in the /Extra/ folder for the bootloader to pick it up.
  2. I will most likely install in a few weeks. Great job with the Zip FYI: SnowKitty, not SnowLeo. Apple got it wrong themselves. ;-) Cheers Stevns
  3. Yeps, CET time Most impressive regarding the sound.
  4. For sleep: yes, it was the USB driver and SleepEnabler.kext.
  5. Im allready ready for a re-install Are you running 64 bit or do you have to hold down 6 + 4 when you boot? btw: Zip file with working SnowKitty kexts?
  6. EFI string to 770GFX?
  7. Very nice. What patches did you apply?
  8. A bit besides the point, but very good info. 132 install?
  9. I know that Nvidia has mac drivers on their site. Anyone interested in testing it? (it's for 285GTX but maybe be a unified driver) http://www.nvidia.com/object/GeForce_MacOSX_18.5.2f16.html /stevns
  10. Austin: outlook = "stevns" + shift-k I'll check the HDMI very soon. Have a Sony LCD TV, so i'll connect to this very soon. Cheers Stevns
  11. Google Belkin F5D8073, because i bought my in Denmark, from a danish company. Around 40-50 USD. Driver: http://www.ralinktech.com.tw/data/drivers/..._2009_02_17.dmg I have attached a picture of the installed card. Acceptable "stiky-outy-ness" for permanent install, I think. Cheers Stevns
  12. EPIC fail x2 Apparently the card is INTEL!! I'll just nip off and shoot me self... Belkin ExpressCard bought and installed. (RT2860 driver) FRAG! That fruitless and EXPENSIVE!
  13. Hi Guys, EPIC FAIL! Card 2 didn't work either. Trying this one now: http://www.sparepartswarehouse.com/part.as...vicetype=Laptop Crossing my fingers! (again)
  14. stevns

    call all hp dv5 owners

    Can you check the part number on your card? /stevns