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OK, I've been playing around with osx on my HP laptop for a while now (thanks to this site and the people who spend hours of their time helping the likes of me!) and have decided its time to take the plunge and BUY A MACBOOK!


So to raise funds I am selling my HP NC2400:


Intel CoreDuo U2500

1GB 533 MHz DDR2

60GB hdd

12.1" WXGA screen


Broadcom 10/100/1000 LAN

Intel 3945 WiFi (pretty much the only thing not working under osx!)

DVD RW/CD RW (amazing considering the compact size of this thing!)

Dimensions (w x d x h) 282 x 213 x 25 mm


It comes with Windows XP Pro and the power adapter/charger


The only things that I have not got working (which is not to say that they will not work) in osx are the intel 3945 wireless adapter, second cpu core, and the onboard LAN but I believe this is possible, i've just never needed it.


I'm waiting for an atheros PCIe card to arrive and this will also be included.


As you can see it is almost 100% functional as a hackbook but it does actually...... whisper this now..... run windows very well too!!!


Right I think that covers it all, any questions please feel free to ask, from what I can tell this laptop still retails for the best part of a grand but just make me an offer!, oh and i'm in the UK so this is a UK only sale.


Thanks for reading.


As the title suggests I will accept a trade in for a mackbook depending on age, spec etc...

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