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  1. Yep, proper full blown power LED blinking sleep! I hadn't noticed any artifacts until I installed an application (think it was toast or popcorn) and then I got some. So Yes to that question but for me it is more than acceptable as I have always used this fb kext and always had artifacts in Leopard anyway. Here you go AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext.zip
  2. Thanks for the amazing guide, been away for a few weeks and came back to this!! I have a d620: GMA950 BCM Wifi Dual Core 1.67 BIOS A07 (I think!) I have sleep working... not sure if everyone else does too or not. I installed as per your guide, installed AppleACPIThermal.kext, VoodooPower.kext and sleepenabler as mentioned by Synaesthesia and an old AppleIntelFrameBuffer.kext that I seem to have to use on every Leopard install I have ever tried for sleep to work correctly and as he mentioned the VoodooHDA.kext is not loaded correctly on wake from sleep causing distorted sound (manual unload and load fixes this) BUT TSCSync IS loaded correctly so I have both of my cores working with no stuttering after waking from sleep! The only difference seems to be the framebuffer kext that I use. I have not tested without it in this situation yet and have not updated to 10.6.1 either but thought I would share this info anyway. I can post the kext later today if anyone is interested.
  3. Then thats it. sorry It does say retail in your guide, mine came with my macbook. Thanks for the quick reply. Time to do some more reading and have a play around with my retail snow Leopard disk! Thanks again.
  4. Hi, This guide looks awesome and I was/am very excited about trying it. However.. I seem to falling at a fairly early hurdle!!! I am sure I have missed something REALLY obvious but, I have downloaded and burned the .iso and booted from this and then inserted my genuine 10.5.6 install DVD and after the first point where you select your language I get a prompt saying: "Mac OS X cannot be installed on this computer." OK or Restart. If I click OK I can run disk utility and parttition my disk which I have done and rebooed but still the same. I hav re-downloaded the .iso and burned it at a lower speed, I have reset BIOS defaults to no avail. I have a d620 with intel GMA950 and Broadcom wifi (which is recognised by setup) Please, I f I am being stupid and have miss read something then go easy on me! Thanks for any help.
  5. TSC sync XNU patch

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!! This for me was the last piece of the puzzle! I've had a successful hour or so, first I found Chun nans kext to allow proper battery level indication in leopard and now this!!! I really thought that I would have to live with just the one core! Thank you so much for this. Dell D620 Kalyway 10.5.2 Vanilla sleep, speedstep, BOTH CORES!
  6. [Development]-Broadcom 4311 Fix

    I'll second that, got my new bcm PCIE card (after mikespug informed me about this issue) and sure enough it is not recognised at all by leopard on my NC 2400... wireless switch seems to work and still switches the bluetooth on and off but thats about it!
  7. Strange sleep issue!?

    I have a rather odd problem with the sleep function... I have an Hp NC2400 running Kalyway 10.5.1 guid partition efi and vanilla kernel, pretty much everything works now except for sleep, sort of! When I first boot the laptop up the sleep function will work perfectly so long as the cpu is cool and therefore the fan is not spinning. As soon as the fan kicks in sleep is broken. I found that if I remove the thermal kexts sleep works fine but the cpu fan never kicks in so it gets HOT! CPU is core duo 1.2ghz (only one core working) 945gm mobile chipset AD1981HD audio GMA950 anyone experienced anything similar and if so is there a fix or work around? If I can get sleep working properly thats pretty much the last peice of the puzzle!!! Thanks for reading Note: this happens regardless of what install I use ie. iAtkos, kalyway, uphuck 1.2 1.3 1.4... you get the picture.
  8. LCD Brightness

    f1orent, you are a genius! thanks for finding this solution... I had basically given up on osx on my nc2400 due to poor battery life but I now have full control of the screen brightness in leopard and have far better batery life (still not great but then it isn't great in windows OR linux!) Thanks again!!!
  9. that sucks indeed!!! I have no issues installing jas 10.4.8 but with anything else I have problems, anything using 8.9.1 kernel seems to stop on first boot with grey screen, using -v shows that it stops at "buffer headers".... i did find out what this meant a while ago but have forgotten now. I also have an hp nc2400 but am snookered by the battery life and the fact that the appleintelintergratedframebuffer.kext does not allow the screen brightness to be changed on the gma950 to help with battery life. also that the bios whitelist blocks the atheros pcie card that I bought!! I just thought i know i'll try the good old X32 again but have had no luck with TOH or anything else for that matter... Oh well back to the drawing board. Thanks for posting a reply.
  10. Hi there, just wondering if you have had any luck with this problem? I have an IBM X32 which I believe to be pretty similar in spec and have exactly the same problem! Cheers.
  11. WTB: Hackintosh laptop

    I have an HP nc2400, screen is only 12.1 and I have not got both cores working but have read a post stating that it is possible, let me know if your interested... http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=74041
  12. [SALE] OR [TRADE]

    OK, I've been playing around with osx on my HP laptop for a while now (thanks to this site and the people who spend hours of their time helping the likes of me!) and have decided its time to take the plunge and BUY A MACBOOK! So to raise funds I am selling my HP NC2400: Intel CoreDuo U2500 1GB 533 MHz DDR2 60GB hdd 12.1" WXGA screen GMA950 Broadcom 10/100/1000 LAN Intel 3945 WiFi (pretty much the only thing not working under osx!) DVD RW/CD RW (amazing considering the compact size of this thing!) Dimensions (w x d x h) 282 x 213 x 25 mm It comes with Windows XP Pro and the power adapter/charger The only things that I have not got working (which is not to say that they will not work) in osx are the intel 3945 wireless adapter, second cpu core, and the onboard LAN but I believe this is possible, i've just never needed it. I'm waiting for an atheros PCIe card to arrive and this will also be included. As you can see it is almost 100% functional as a hackbook but it does actually...... whisper this now..... run windows very well too!!! Right I think that covers it all, any questions please feel free to ask, from what I can tell this laptop still retails for the best part of a grand but just make me an offer!, oh and i'm in the UK so this is a UK only sale. Thanks for reading. As the title suggests I will accept a trade in for a mackbook depending on age, spec etc...
  13. Dijitalman, good man! Thanks!!!
  14. Hello there, first thanks to all for all of the advice and info that i've read here so far, i'm afraid that this is another request for an invite to join Demonoid... I can't wait to try OSX out on my PC and would be very gratefull if someone could PM me an invite. Thanks in advance...