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Apple AULab weird crash


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Hey everyone!


I have this weird problem with my hacintosh. I installed AULab to host audio units.

I'm running Logic 7 & 8 on Mac and Logic Node on hacintosh.


Well the problem is:

Everytime I start up AULab, it validates all the plugins successfully but then it hangs

on "Looking for music devices" and won't be responding anymore.


I installed Native Instruments KORE to my hacintosh, but it's too complicated to use.

I need a fast working environment.


My hacintosh specs are:

AMD 4000+

Asus A8V

2 Gb ram

OSX 10.4.8 JaS with latest Semphtex kernel. 8.8.1 or so.

HDSP9632 and MOTU828mkII usb.


If anyone can help or has had similar problems, please let me know how to get over with it :blink:


p.s. atm downloading 10.4.10 tub amd to see if I can get it work. last time 10.4.9 uphuck didn't work in my system.



- Jani


EDIT: It seems to be DLSMusicDevice audio unit what crashes the application.

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