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  1. JKervinen

    Got problem on network card, please help!

    did anyone manage to get it working with the driver? i need to get second network card running aswell thanks
  2. JKervinen

    LG W1 Pro EP00E ATI Radeon X1600 Install howto

    i got blank edid too with my acer aspire 5112wlmi. x1600 mobility working perfect with these instructions and external screen (and it's edid information)
  3. JKervinen

    perfect ASUS Z96Js with 10.5.5

    hmm, i was wondering: how do i compile my own gfx string into boot.plist? for some reason i don't get it and i'd like to learn how to use it. i'm using Acer Aspire 5112WLMi ATI Radeon X1600 Mobility. ven:1002 dev:71c5 phoenix edid program gave me two seperate edid infos. so.. what do i need to do with those txt files and dat file i saved in phoenex edit in order to get that string for the boot list..? i'm using leo4all v3 10.5.2 just about to update ideneb 10.5.5... maybe thanks, - jani
  4. worked fine for me too on Acer Aspire 5112WLMi Leo4All V3!! Huge thanks
  5. JKervinen

    ATI Mobility X1600, X1700 and others

    Okay, I managed to get EDID info from windows.. (had to install it on different HDD).. My second laptop is Acer Aspire 5110 (5112WLMi) with X1600 graphics. If someone could paste this in a right place, would be awesome. I tried few times myself, but it won't boot. Crashed everytime it loaded LoginWindow.. 00FFFFFF FFFFFF00 4CA34538 00000000 00100103 80211578 0A87F594 574F8C27 27505400 00000101 01010101 01010101 01010101 0101EE1A 00805020 10301030 13004BCF 10000019 0000000F 00000000 00000000 00238702 64000000 00FE0053 414D5355 4E470A20 20202020 000000FE 004C544E 31353458 412D4C30 310A0054 This is what phoenix outputted in windows Many thanks to everyone! cheers, - Jani p.s. I tried to attach this to sheriff's x1600 package but no boot. I'm not sure if I need to change vendor id's or anything else...? devid: 71c5 venid: 1002
  6. JKervinen

    ATI Mobility X1600, X1700 and others

    Hello! I've read this whole thread thru and I couldn't find any info how to get this EDID and where to get it and so on.. I have mobility x1600 and i'm curious to get it working so, i've downloaded property list editor, what's next? cheers, - Jani
  7. JKervinen

    Problem connecting to wireless router

    hey man can u add airport*.kext, io80211family.kext, networkinterfaces.plist and ionetworkingfamily.kext in zip in the forums for all us nx6110 users oh and also iopcifamily.kext ! i've tried to get this working two days now and no results.. :S did you install any other software regarding to wireless internet? thanks, - jani p.s. if you can't add it in here, pm me
  8. JKervinen

    Broadcom bcm43xx wireless driver [beta]

    I installed this enabler and only thing happened was: airport is shown in the top bar and I can see airport in network prefs. I am unable to connect anywhere. Also deleted Airport2.kext which didn't make any difference. Also tried to swap en0 to en1 and internal en1 to en2.. also integers changed but no difference. Internal ethernet works fine and i'm now installing apple's airport update to see what will happen. In system profiler type is shown 0x14E4, 0x1356 for the airport extreme. I'm using compaq nx6110 with JaS 10.4.8 any help would be apreciated! thanks, - jani
  9. What was your installation progress and all the phases? I wasn't able to get my wireless broadcom working at the first run but i did download all kinda {censored} to try first. I'm just re-installing to see what will happen with these apps you've mentioned thanks, - jani EDIT: now when i re-installed hacintosh (JaS 10.4.8) on my nx6110 and all those drivers which are included in your post, I can see wireless internet indicator and Network pref says new device installed (Airport) but it's unable to see or connect any networks. I tried to swap device id's (en0 to en1) but didn't help. Only thing happened was that it found a new internal pci ethernet controller. What is the devid for broadcom wireless adapter and what do I and other nx6110 users need to do in order to get this card working? thanks alot -j
  10. JKervinen

    Apple AULab weird crash

    Hey everyone! I have this weird problem with my hacintosh. I installed AULab to host audio units. I'm running Logic 7 & 8 on Mac and Logic Node on hacintosh. Well the problem is: Everytime I start up AULab, it validates all the plugins successfully but then it hangs on "Looking for music devices" and won't be responding anymore. I installed Native Instruments KORE to my hacintosh, but it's too complicated to use. I need a fast working environment. My hacintosh specs are: AMD 4000+ Asus A8V 2 Gb ram OSX 10.4.8 JaS with latest Semphtex kernel. 8.8.1 or so. HDSP9632 and MOTU828mkII usb. If anyone can help or has had similar problems, please let me know how to get over with it p.s. atm downloading 10.4.10 tub amd to see if I can get it work. last time 10.4.9 uphuck didn't work in my system. thanks, - Jani EDIT: It seems to be DLSMusicDevice audio unit what crashes the application.