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Some important notes for P5LD2-VM users installing 10.5 Leopard - TOH rc2


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`Hey all,


First off, I would consider myself to be above novice to installing mac os x on a PC -- i've done around 5 or 6 installs total on a variety of hardware. In any case, installing 10.5 on my custom Asus P5LD2-VM proved to be a challenge. But it all came down to a few very simple changes:


The BIOS settings really I consider to be the most important part.

*MAKE SURE ACPI 2.0 SUPPORT IS "YES"!! I believe this to be %80 of my heart ache.

*ACPI APIC support enabled

*AI overclock - auto

*USB config -- legacy on auto, usb 2.0 disabled (installed w/ usb keyboard and mouse)

*microcode updation enabled

*max cpuid value limit disabled

*Left Execute Bit Disable "Disabled"

*virtualization on

*hyperthreading on

*RAM speeds configured manually

*PNP OS set to NO

*pci latency 64

*allocate IRQ to VGA yes

*palette snooping disabled



*Hard Drive pin is on "master", dvd is on cable select (i believe...) -- installed on an IDE drive (WD1200JB)

*Installed Tiger previous to install, but i think this makes little difference.

*Hit "F8" upon booting from DVD, used the -v switch (may or may not be necessary)

*Used the method described here http://forum.osx86scene.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=2008 after install -- JUST the part about making the hard drive bootable using the boot1h and boot files -- no need to patch the DVD, etc...

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