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  1. `Hey all, First off, I would consider myself to be above novice to installing mac os x on a PC -- i've done around 5 or 6 installs total on a variety of hardware. In any case, installing 10.5 on my custom Asus P5LD2-VM proved to be a challenge. But it all came down to a few very simple changes: The BIOS settings really I consider to be the most important part. *MAKE SURE ACPI 2.0 SUPPORT IS "YES"!! I believe this to be %80 of my heart ache. *ACPI APIC support enabled *AI overclock - auto *USB config -- legacy on auto, usb 2.0 disabled (installed w/ usb keyboard and mouse) *microcode updation enabled *max cpuid value limit disabled *Left Execute Bit Disable "Disabled" *virtualization on *hyperthreading on *RAM speeds configured manually *PNP OS set to NO *pci latency 64 *allocate IRQ to VGA yes *palette snooping disabled Miscellaneous: *Hard Drive pin is on "master", dvd is on cable select (i believe...) -- installed on an IDE drive (WD1200JB) *Installed Tiger previous to install, but i think this makes little difference. *Hit "F8" upon booting from DVD, used the -v switch (may or may not be necessary) *Used the method described here http://forum.osx86scene.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=2008 after install -- JUST the part about making the hard drive bootable using the boot1h and boot files -- no need to patch the DVD, etc...
  2. Vote CFR in 2008!

    *snore*.... are any of you actually retarded enough to believe in any of that?
  3. FCP capture problems after 10.4.8 upgrade

    i appreciate the response, thanks man... i was thinking about doing this anyway, hopefully it works. i'll report back the results for those interested.
  4. FCP capture problems after 10.4.8 upgrade

    anyone... anyone... bueller
  5. FCP capture problems after 10.4.8 upgrade

    bump... someone has to have heard of this... anyone know of any compatibility issues with loading 10.4.6 firewire kernel extensions into 10.4.8?
  6. Hey all, I'm having problems capturing video in FCP 5.1 with an asus based hackintosh. Full specs are P5LD2-VM, pentium D930, 2GB ram, 320GB PATA, onboard GMA950, SABRENT SBT-VT6306 firewire card. The DV cam is a canon optura. In 10.4.6, I was able to go to log and capture, hit play on the preview panel, then hit the "now" button and record video. Under 10.4.8, i can still hit "now" but after i hit escape to stop capturing, the program will crash. Any ideas???
  7. Final Cut Pro 5.1.0 Crashes, 10.4.8, Capture "now"

    iMovie crashes as well, Im starting to wonder if its a change that has happened in the IO extension for firewire... anyone have any ideas?
  8. Final Cut Pro 5.1.0 Crashes, 10.4.8, Capture "now"

    as in the finalcutstudio id from the /Library/Application Support/ProApps dir? if so, the answer is yes
  9. Hello all, The computer is a hackintosh, based on an asus motherboard (built-in GMA950), and worked flawlessly under 10.4.6. Now whenever i do a "log and capture", hit the play button, then hit the capture "now" button, i get the preview, but when i hit escape, FCP crashes. Anyone had problems with this? Crash log attached. crashlog.rtf
  10. I am having a similar problem on an Asus P5LD2-VM which uses the Intel 945G chipset and has an onboard GMA 950 graphics card. Additionally, it has the ICH7 I/O controller. The processor is a Pentium D 930, and I have an ATA/100 HD. I had successfully installed 10.4.6 and had it running for months (this is the bro's machine). I was home for thanksgiving and had decided last minute to upgrade his system to 10.4.8 after reading that newer kernels supported SSE3. Bad idea. The computer continually reboots after loading all the kext's. After replacing the kernel with the newest (beta 7), it will boot, but hangs in the middle of loading OS X, referring to something that sounds like IOATAFamily.kext's fault. (i'll get the specific error next time I boot it up). My suggestion now would be: Upgrade to the latest "nebukanezar" kernel (beta 7), and find your old IOATAFamily.kext from 10.4.6, and possibly the old Integrated Graphics .kext and replace them to see what happens. At least this is going to be my next step. Good luck and if you find a solution, please post.
  11. In recent news, as I am sure most of you have heard by now, Apple is closing the source to the kernel. Do you guys think Apple will eventually overturn this decision in lieu of the OSS movement that they have been trying to get into? How many think this will effect future versions of OSX on generic hardware? Let's here what you think!
  12. i would disable every on board device and see if that helps. if that still doesn't help, disable one of the cores (i believe there is a startup command for this). then re-enable each one by one to see which is the culprit.
  13. 10.4.6: JaS vs Goatsecx

    I wouldn't suggest saying that out loud