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Updating OSX 10.5 to 10.5.1


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Reinstalled and back, EFI installed. I just found out why the last try on EFI failed. Its a Typo in the guide.


When loading the Darvin Bootloader it says that you shall write "kernel.patched -s" its wrong. Its "mach_kernel.patched -s"


Anyway... Its sort of working now.


When i choose OSX in the bootmenu it starts loading and jumps back to the boot menu. But if i press F8 end add "-v" it works...



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I can confirm those boot problems with the 10.5.1 update as well. I first tried to run the BrazilMac postpatcher, and that got back to the HFS+ / cursor error. I then needed to reset the primary boot drive and bless it, and I found this guide EXTREMELY helpful.




At first, I had the ToH running okay, but then got this crazy idea to run the patcher on it anyways.


There is also a EFI tutorial, bit I am not sure about that just yet.


The next stupid thing I am thinking about doing is trying the "vanilla kexts" w/out the EFI patch.... though I might do the EFI patch. I dunno.


Its working pretty good and I don't want to bork it right now.

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You should be able to install the efi patch and all should be okay.


BJMoose , we have similar rigs so I thought you could share some of your experiences .

I have managed to update to ver 10.5.1 (using SW update) but when I install iPhoto '08 and try to import my photos's (25,000)  over ethernet link to my data store I get the very bad Multilanguage screen telling me to Hit the Power button or reset .


I saw some talk on other forums regarding the onboard ethernet NIC of the BADAXE2 ? Do I have to update my Ethernet kext file once I have upgraded to EFI with 10.5.1 ??


Any tips would be fully appreciated .

Thanx in advance :hysterical:

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Just some advice to help typing commands correctly in the bash terminal:

to make sure that the syntax of your terminal commands and the names of the files you are using as parameters are correct, use the terminal's auto-complete function (TAB-Key).

Simply enter the first few letters of the command or file you want to access, press TAB and osx will auto-complete the word for you.


Please notice that if more than one files/commands match your entry, it will auto-complete only the string section that is common to all of the matches. You will notice this behavior when your word is not fully auto-completed as expected. In such cases, press TAB several times and you will be presented with the list of matching results.


Try it out, it's delicious!




PS: Read a little more about this function, here: http://www.linux.com/articles/54005

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