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Leopard 5.1.6 NVidia drivers, power managment, GPU fan speed


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Since the introduction of Natit and through NVinject releases my GPU fan always used to speed up [read: get noisy] while the display was initializing then would slow back down to an inaudible level before the desktop loaded.. on 10.5.1 w/ the stock drivers and NVinject this is no longer the case (tested NVinject 0.0.6 and 0.1.5leo, fan doesn't calm down).


reverting to 4.5.x drivers from Tiger (NV*.kext and GeF*.kext) *does* remedy this implicating a potential power management change in the current drivers.


Does everyone else have a noisy NVidia installation (I think 10.5.1's Nvidia driver version is 5.1.2 *edit: 5.1.6*)?



EDIT: perhaps not as big a deal as I'm making it out to be...

GPU power management is still working. Hanging out in WoW for a couple minutes quadrupled the NVidia fan speed/noise.. regardless, idling at desktop is still audible whereas before it wasn't. It's possible only user's of decent/quiet cases/PSUs/etc will be able to notice this change.. or perhaps the issue is unique to certain card/cooling implimentations (eg. my 7950gtoc uses a smaller fan/sink than the 8800s)..

Lastly I guess this could be intentional.. perhaps Leo works the card harder or intentionally drives the fan faster...


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