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installing OS X with iknowledge guide.


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okay so this is my first post! (yay)


I am pretty unfamiliar with hacking, the onlything I have is my cell phone. I decided to do attempt to install mac OS X simply because I love mac (an d vista in my opinion is a sad rip off).

I looked around for awhile for a simple guide and found this: http://iknowledge.nodblog.com/2007/07/22/i...help-of-vmwere/


(I am using vista)

I followed it up to the part where it says:

install mac os in physical drive so delete existing harddisk from the dialog box and press add >Next>HardDisk>Use a Physical Drive>Use Entire Disk>Finish


When I reach that part and press play in VMware I get this error:



if anyone has any tips on how to get past this error or has a better tutorial please post

thank you alot:)

(hopefully this is the right forum)

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What Rig have you got. my Rig is a moderatly old one, ad i am sort of new to all this too. i have had this happen to me a few times. i use 10.4.8 JaS image. i am also currently downloding the Zeph. IMG.

try going through the disk managment in Vista, and making a new partition Fat32, OFC....

what IMG are u using... if you say Deadmoo, i will like, scream! lol


Think Mark XD

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