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Leopard ToH with EFI patch keeps rebooting


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I was following the instructions here http://www.digitmemo.com/articles/734/howt...-in-hackintosh/


After it says to reboot and to type "kernel.patched -s" after pressing F8 on Darwin...it just keeps rebooting (loop).


Any ideas why? I was able to boot Leopard ToH without any hitch until I was applying the EFI patch.


Asus P5B Deluxe

Intel Core2 Duo 6400


Nvidia QuadroFX 3450 256MB RAM




- Disabled Jmicron

- Set to ACHI

- Enablle ‘No Execute (NX/XD)

- ACPI 2 Support - Yes

- Speed step - Disable

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Yes I had the same problem. The instructions are wrong, if you follwed them you would have moved your patched kernal to mach_kernel.patched. So when you press F8 you have to type mach_kernel.patched then it should boot the patched kernel.

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Q: Installed PC_efi and trying vanilla kernel on c2d and intel-based mobo, but get reboot after kexts loaded, how can i fix it ?

A: Check No Exectuable (nx/xd) enabled in your bios, otherwise vanilla kernel will reboot.


here: at netkas' blog


Don't ask me if it didn't help. Sometimes it doesn't because of your mobo, bios version, bios setup etc.

I couldn't make vanilla kernel work on my HW until I moved osx to a guid-disk with pc_efi 7.2 installed.

Check netkas' place if you're interested.

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