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  1. atka

    Installation problems Dell XPS 12

    Any update on this device? Was thinking of getting one and wondering if it worked ok?
  2. atka


    OK I have this working except for one thing the audio starts to get a hiss when a video or something is playing. Anybody have any idea what causes this; the only thing I can think of is the FSB is not detected but I have no idea how to fix it. I have used the same DSDT and a SSDT but nothing has changed. Fixed it by trying a newer version of ozmosis then what was posted in the first post.
  3. When I try to to a custom string I get an Error box that is blank; and the notification says patching started please wait. I also didn't get asked for the root password. Could you add the VIA VT2021 the string is 's|\x84\x19\xd4\x11|\x41\x04\x06\x11|g'. A suggestion how hard would it be to make it so we can edit the patches.plist file in resources, right now no matter what I do it looks like it get regenerated on every run.
  4. Yah I know that its just that in 10.8 I don't have that option or the option to even set any burning options in preferences. Just wondering if its something with my setup or if they removed it. And I have two burners showing up in about this mac on internal and one usb.
  5. I haven't used this feature in a long time but I can't burn a disc in iTunes, I don't even have the burn option in preferences. Did they remove this from iTunes or is it something with my system.
  6. atka

    5770 and dual link dvi

    Fixed my issue by setting chameleon theme to my defalut resolution with chameleon wizard. Now there is no need to unplug plug in the monitor but boots right up
  7. atka

    5770 and dual link dvi

    I tried no graphics enabler with the same result. The dual link works just not on boot, I have to manually disconnect the dvi cable then connect it again.
  8. I have a high res monitor 2560x1440 that requires dual link dvi. If i boot up the monitor just cycles power till I unplug the DVI cable and plug it back in then it works or if I wait till it sleeps then wake it up it works also. This is the same behavior you get with using a single channel cable at a high res so how do I tell osx to use dual channel on startup? Is it in chameleon or dsdt?
  9. I have something a little different it seems then everybody else. My hard drives eject but my ssd that has the os on stays mounted. The one thing I might have different is my user folder is on a separate drive then the OS.
  10. Samba is broken on this build. I can't log into any of my shares but on the GM on another machine all is fine. Wondering if this is them dropping samba like the rummers said before the lion release or just a bug.
  11. atka

    Chameleon v2.1 (Main Trunk)

    Yes and no UseKernelCache=Yes only loads the kernel cache and nothing from Extra/Extensions either boot without using kernel cache or put all of your kexts into the /S/L/E folder. I would use kextwizard for that.
  12. atka

    GM Vs Lion

    Lets just put it this way if your a developer and you installed the GM the Retail version says installed there is no way to "upgrade".
  13. roll back to the 10.6.7 IO80211Family.kext for wifi to work not sure about ethernet I never have mine plugged in and just thought it worked since it shows up in network settings.
  14. atka

    Osx Lion iCloud

    Same error for me in Canada. Is it geographically locked?