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Which Mac to Buy

Which One, Read before voting please?  

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  1. 1. Cost, Final Cut Pro, and Limited Portablity are factors

    • iMac
    • Macbook
    • Macbook Pro

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I am trying to get a Mac but need to decide which one.


I would like to get one as soon as possible.


Price is a key factor


The purpose is to run Final Cut Studio 2


And I am pretty much anchored in one place but would it be realistic to move from room to room once in a while with an iMac? I would use wireless internet, keyboard and mouse.

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It's between the Macbook Pro or iMac. Don't get the Macbook. I would say the iMac, because it's better value than the Macbook Pro, but if you need portability, obviously you should get the MBP. Yes, it's easy to move from one room to another, because it's an All-In-One computer.

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