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Gigabyte P35-DS3P - Lots of Problems!


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I bought new Hardware to upgrade my old AMD, SSE2, AGP System:


Gigabyte P35-DS3P


Pentium D 820


2GB RAM 800 MHz


Gforce 7600 GT PCIe 256MB...


But I have a lot of Problems with it!


After a log, hard work I managed to install Windows, implement AHCI driver into Windows, installed Uphuck 10.4.9 1.2, installed Audio, Network, Titan, Natit, etc... ...


It was realy hard! Trust me! 1st I killed my MBR so Windows does not boot but I was not abel do access my HDD via RecoveryConsole, then I was not able to boot while IDE is activated...


Then I took the SATA Cable provided with the Mainboard and repaired Partition Table which was broken after Tiger install and then I was able to boot Tiger or Windows via Darwin bootloader while IDE is on and AHCI is activated. It took 3 days to find out theese Problems!

  • Now there are some problems I could not solve yet:

  • When IDE is activated Network does not work under Tiger (if I disable it, it works fine!)

  • My PS2 Keyboard does not work under Tiger (better it works sometimes - very seldom)... (using Mac Pro BT Keyboard now... but this does not work to enter BIOS, selecting os etc. - so I have 2 connected Keyboards)

  • I am not able to install ToH Leopard RC2 via IDE DVD writer on my SATA HDD ("Still waiting for root device" for hours)
  • I cannot boot in Single Mode when USB is activated in BIOS (there appear a lot of USB errors)
  • EFI v 5.1 does not work with Uphuck 10.4.9 (will try Upucks Magic Boot later)
  • when booting in Verbose Mode a lot of USB errors appear to (the LED of my front paned ChipCradReader is blinking all the time)
  • Install DVD is booting VERY slow... (30 Minutes! - I think DVD writer is in PIO Mode)

well thats it for the beginnig...


I hope some guru could help me! This Hardware was really expensive for me and I guessed it will run "out of the box" according to some threads in this forum...


Thank you!

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