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Leopard issues 10.5.1 Mouse artifacts, seeing windows servers, and number of cores


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Hi all


Installed TOH leopard on my laptop which I had Uphuck running fine with some reboots but it was working well.


I have a Toshiba u205 laptop with the intel 945 mobile chipset, intel pro ve 100, SOundmax, and I replaced the wireless card with a Dell Trumobile 1490 which is a broadcom 4312 which works right off the bat.


Two problems which bug me though.


1. the mouse leaves trails only when i am in Safari or Firefox. Is there a way to correct this? Should I install the GMA950 pkg from the Uphuck install?


2. Even though both cores on the cpu are enabled about this mac displays only one is working and it does seem a bit more sluggish that 10.4.10. I know everyone talks about how leopard actually winds up performing much better than tiger performance wise and was wondering if there is a way to get it to use both cores or is it an install thing?



The other problem may just be me but I cant seem to see any windows servers even though I was able to see them easily in 10.4.10. I went through all the necessary stuff in setting up SMB etc. Just want to know if there is anything special I need to do.



if anyone is having problems installing leopard or 10.4.10 on the Toshiba U205 I can help out.


for Leopard its


1. get the Leopard Prepare HD iso off the web.

2. install the TOH Leopard disk.

3. you might have to change the multi cpu to disabled to get the install disk to boot up without a panic.


Overall though Leopard is very stable on the Toshiba U205. Less boot problems than 10.4.10 definitely.


Cheers and thanks for the help



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I'm seeing the same things here in 10.5.0 - (Dell OptiPlex GX620, Pentium D 3.4GHz). I upgraded to FF 3 b1 which solved my ghosting problems **in that app.** FF2 still does it, as does iTunes to a limited extent, and Parallels Desktop is totally unusable.


On the CPU front, I have one core reported, and the CPU is identified as a "3.39GHz unknown" rather than the Core Duo or Pentium D (depending on patchlevel) that it reported as in 10.4.9.


It would appear that whatever identifies Netburst CPUs has been taken out (I get the same error with a 3.6GHz Pentium 4 HT, which previously reported as a dual-execution unit chip in 10.4) . Presumably Netburst idents werein 10.4 since to-wit the original dev machines ran P4s-- now in 10.5 there's no need for the dev machines or their Netburst idents. It must be possible to put it back but I don't yet have enough of an idea what I'm doing to attempt to fix that!

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