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  1. Howdy Solution for Hard Drive caddy that will only cost you about 10$ on ebay. I had a Toshiba U205 before this and was able to use the HDD cage from that for the second drive. It fits tightly but with a small piece of black packing foam it fits well enough and the drive is very secure. So just look for a HDD caddy for a Toshiba U205-5067 on Ebay. http://cgi.ebay.com/Toshiba-Satellite-U205...#ht_2300wt_1041 ALSO what method have you all used for the GTX 260m to get it working with full accelleration? I have tried NVinject method, EfI strings, etc but when I try to use VLC Player there is a black screen, Video shows up in Quicktime with Perian but is choppy and Preview wont show pictures, also there is no QE/CI because of no ripple effect. Any ideas? I am running 10.6.4 on on the Best Buy version of the G72gx. Cheers Astrid
  2. Hi Ridgeline thanks again to you and Irobie and all the others. Truly FAB!!!! work. Have one question though to the G41M community here. What is the prescribed method for doing the 10.6.3 update? Should you use the 10.6.3 download or the Combo V1.1 10.6.3 for best results? Also I asume install your 1.4 package after the apple update correct? Cheers, Alexandrea the Surfgurl
  3. Hi First all the work that has been done on this board is amazing and I have read through all of the posts actually since I bought this board when I couldnt get my Asus P5B-VM to do Snow Leopard. I have tried every boot disk, myhack, kakewalk, etc that says that it should be able to work with this board including changing the bios from f3 through f6 and i think its time to ask for some help. At this moment I can get this board working with Hazards disk and using the Black kernel but after using it for a few days there slowly seems to be mounting issues that snowball and make the install unusable. I am a savvy computer person having been everything from tech support to head of MIS for companies and now its become personal for me and this board since everyone seems to be able to get this board working without much trouble. My setup is G41m-es2l V1.0 Bios f6 -HPET enabled 64bit, S3 etc Pentium D 930 Sata HD and DVD Nvidia 7800gt Vid Card Wireless Apple Keyboard Broadcom Wireless Linksys wmp300n and nothing else I have stripped it down to essentials removing the wireless and trying both a 7600gt card and an 8600gt card that I have. My questions are as follows What essential kexts are needed specifically for this board most importantly which ATA, SATA, and Special Fix kexts are needed? Bootloader that worked best? A good guide to muck around in the DSDT and explain what your doing rather than just cut and paste this here and here? Is there a good program to allow you to create a DSDT from a clean Hazard install etc? If anyone could give me a few caveats of tips or eureka moments that helped them get this board working in Snow vanilla 10.6.2 I would be more than happy to accept help from many of you that know so much more than I have been able to figure out. I am going on a Month now trying to wrangle this board into working. Any help or hints or caveats about hardware that I am working with would be very much appreciated. thanks for your time and all your efforts, Cheers Ashley
  4. Hi I was hoping someone might be able to help me. Up until a couple of days ago I had a wonderfully working IPC 10.5.6 install working on my Toshiba laptop and then the machine ran out of power but after plugging it back in and rebooting chameleon constantly and continually comes up and says "Hibernate starting" and then continually reboots even though it is plugged in and shouldnt be in hibernate mode at all. I was wondering if there is any flag or other perscription that I can use to get it out of this infinite loop and Chameleon from thinking that it is in continual hibernate mode? I am using IPC 10.5.6 and up till 2 days ago it was working wonderfully. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers and thanks Ashley
  5. Hi Nitehawk Thank you for the answer since I know your doing this project out of the good of your heart and time to help people. Actually since i posted the problem where it would get through Chameleon and load the drivers then go dark screen although there is still output to the monitor I tried just using the default Kexts that you provided in your Zip file and it still doesnt get past that screen into the installer? Is it possible that it works better off of a USB drive and not a thumb drive? Although this does seem graphics related in many ways. I have tried shutting off the internal graphics though and it still has that problem. I havent tried switching from a DVI straight through though to a DVI to VGA port on my LCD monitor and maybe that might be an issue. Its an Asus P5B-vm board with the Intel G965 chipset and the Jmicron Ata situation. I am pretty sure you have it right though that its a graphics kext problem. If you have any other suggestions the graphics on the board and computer I am using has this Device ID nVidia GeForce 8600 GT: Chipset Model: nVidia GeForce 8600 GT Type: Display Bus: PCIe PCIe Lane Width: x1 VRAM (Total): 256 MB Vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de) Device ID: 0x0402 Revision ID: 0x00a1 ROM Revision: 0x Displays: HP w2207: Resolution: 1680 x 1050 @ 60 Hz Depth: 32-Bit Color Core Image: Hardware Accelerated Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes Quartz Extreme: Supported Rotation: Supported Display Connector: Status: No Display Connected Thanks once again for helping me out and I appreciate so much what everyone else does on this board since its an invaluable resource. I just wish I was more savy on the Unix side of things to help out others here although if anyone wants to know how to get a Toshiba Sattelite u205 working on OSX I can provide that!!! Cheers and off to the dance club to bartend again. Have a good afternoon or evening, Ashley Kenyon
  6. Hi First just wanted to say I thank you for putting together the Automator. But that brings me to my issue. I follow the instructions including tweaking my bios from the tips area. I have tried adding extra kexts for jmicron ata and for nvidia 8600gt and tried it with just the basic kexts included in the original zip file. I run through and restore the retail Snow Leopard to a USB Flash 16gb drive then run the snow-installer install script giving it the proper location and it seems to finish fine. I pull the Snowinstaller folder over to the flash drive where the Snow install is. I reboot and give it the Kingston flash drive as the boot drive. It starts and goes through Cham and then goes to a blank screen. I have waited for an hour thinking it might just be churning before bringing up the install. Unfortunately not it just sits on the blank black screen. I have an Intel 965G board with a Nvidia 8600gt which worked fine with Iatkos7 install soo. Was hoping y'all could give this girl some ideas as to what to do next to try to get past the blank screen and into the installer so I can see if I can complete the Snow Leopard install. Thank you once again Nitehawk for the script and the work though even if it doesnt totally work. The board I am installing it to is an Asus P5B-Vm board which with the Intel 965G chipset and such has worked famously with other Distros although I would love to have it work with Snow Leopard and a Vanilla install. Cheers Ashley the perplexed Dance Club girl
  7. Hi all Installed TOH leopard on my laptop which I had Uphuck running fine with some reboots but it was working well. I have a Toshiba u205 laptop with the intel 945 mobile chipset, intel pro ve 100, SOundmax, and I replaced the wireless card with a Dell Trumobile 1490 which is a broadcom 4312 which works right off the bat. Two problems which bug me though. 1. the mouse leaves trails only when i am in Safari or Firefox. Is there a way to correct this? Should I install the GMA950 pkg from the Uphuck install? 2. Even though both cores on the cpu are enabled about this mac displays only one is working and it does seem a bit more sluggish that 10.4.10. I know everyone talks about how leopard actually winds up performing much better than tiger performance wise and was wondering if there is a way to get it to use both cores or is it an install thing? The other problem may just be me but I cant seem to see any windows servers even though I was able to see them easily in 10.4.10. I went through all the necessary stuff in setting up SMB etc. Just want to know if there is anything special I need to do. if anyone is having problems installing leopard or 10.4.10 on the Toshiba U205 I can help out. for Leopard its 1. get the Leopard Prepare HD iso off the web. 2. install the TOH Leopard disk. 3. you might have to change the multi cpu to disabled to get the install disk to boot up without a panic. Overall though Leopard is very stable on the Toshiba U205. Less boot problems than 10.4.10 definitely. Cheers and thanks for the help Ashley
  8. Hi All of you have been a great help before and I am hoping for some help again. Wierd problem!! I have an Abit lg-81 Motherboard 945g chipset and everything works cept the one thing that didnt need tweaking before the Netgear 311t V3. I will do a totally new install of the Myzar 10.4.5 Disstro and after it is all installed and booted up for the first time the OS detects the card no problem and the first time I get to the finder everything works fine. Internet comes up Etc. BUT Once I reboot and come back in for the second time to the finder the card and internet connection are no more. Osx doesnt see it and I cant seem to tweak it using the methods under Rammjet s excellent tutorial on how to get 10.4.6 to recognize the card again. I change the atheros device ID and instance in IO80211family.kext, tried copying IOPCIfamily.kext from the Official Intel 10.4.5 udate from apple, and upgrading to 10.4.7 and reapproaching from there. I am at sort of a loss actually why it would work fine on the first boot then totally shut down after that to the point I cant get anything to work. ANY help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance and thank you all for the times I have asked for help before, Ashley