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Mac to PC Wireless Slower than Sin. Why?


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At college we are only allowed 1 network device to be plugged in at a time (ie we cannot use routers/hubs to take our port and use multiple devices). I decided to plug my ethernet cable into my PC, share the local connection, then make a Mac to PC direct wireless connection. That allows my Macbook to access the internet wireless by sending data through the PC, and it works great. My complaint is that when I transfer data to my desktop pc (a shared windows drive) it is slow.


I have a Wireless-G PCI adapter in my desktop, thus 54Mbps. When I open the Windows task manager, it displays the link speed as 11Mbps! And when transfering over the wireless (the systems are no more than 1 foot from eachother so it isn't a range issue) my connection utilization is at ~50-53% (around 5-6Mbps). What gives? Is the Macbook throttling down to 11Mbps? Is 11Mbps the max a System to System wireless connection can operate? This is baffling me as I am only getting around 600-1000KB/sec when I should theoretically get more, way more.


Any idea why this is? Again, is there a Mac or PC setting that would effect this speed? I am using XP on the PC, and Leopard on the macbook.



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