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Gateway ML6720 hardware issues


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Hey guys,

I tried asking in the chat room and no answer and tried the wiki/forum did not help so I will ask the question, is my laptop incompatible with OSX86, everything works except the keyboard, the audio, and the network/wireless. If anyone could help me I would greatly appreciate it.

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hey tnt,


i tried installing on my ml6720 using the kalyway disc, and i also had problems with my keyboard and sound. the wireless worked well, however. our audio card is the sigmatel stac 9200 and i read somewhere that they don't have support for mac osx yet. i'll let you know if i find out anything else. i, too, tried all the keyboard fixes with no success.

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found something interesting: rootnik from uphuck.ggrn.de solved all keyboard and sound problems with the ml6720. here's what he wrote:


by rootnik on Sun Dec 30, 2007 9:08 pm


I have my gateway ml6720 notebook running atkos, dual booted with vista using the following options:


Darwin boot, efi

stock kernel

hacked smbios (for sleep)

nfts-g drivers

intel, x3100 drivers

I elected not to go with the stock AppleACPIPlatform, since this is a notebook and I need the battery info.



Wireless controllers can be found on the insanelymac forums.

Used the HDA project to get the audio working, with mic.



The biggest problem was the built in keyboard. I found a hacked driver on insanelymac that fixed it.


Biggest surprises:


built in card reader works!

geekbench scores are 250 points higher on iatkos than on vista, which was the pre-installed OS on the notebook.




Some kernel panics during boot. This is rare, and did not happen until I replaced the stock smbios and AppleACPIPlatform with the hacked version. I also have trouble shutting down at times after replacing the kexts. I need the power management options that these kext provide, so I trade the stability of using the stock kexts with these.


Overall, I have a very solid install. I am anticipating the next update from apple to see how well this holds up.


i still need to figure out what drivers exactly he used from this forum but i'll try it out tonight. i realize your post was back in november but i thought we should keep this going for all those with ML6720's that want to get osx on their laptop.

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Hey party people


I tried installing Kalyway 10.5.1 on my ml6720 and am not having the same luck you are having.  It hangs at the start up.  What version of osx are you guys installing?

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hey people everything works except sleep and reboot

you will find all kexts in the forum

plus in audio if you follow tarugas instructions on how to create a codec_dump.txt you will definitely get sound working

good luck gateway owners :)

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