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Grub Error 22 - when loading OSX

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Hey all;


I have been having fun running OSX 10.4.10 on my vmware server as a virtual machine, and have decided to take the plunge and go native. I followed the Magnificent 7 tutorial, but as soon and I start the VM Machine I hit a major snag.


Tried with both VMware server 1 and Workstation 6.


I have tried both alocohol 120% and daemon tools.


If I create a virtual disk it works just fine, no issues at all.



If I select use a physical disk, regardless of using full disk or partitions I get the following error as soon as I start the VM.


Grub Loading Stage 1.5.

Grub Loading, Please wait...

Error 22


Then nothing it just sits, there.

Any thoughts?

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14.3 Errors reported by the Stage 2: Error 22

22 : No such partition

This error is returned if a partition is requested in the device part of a device- or full file name which isn't on the selected disk.


Give us more details on what is your configuration: what disks, what's on them, where are the partitions (eg osx partition), etc.

Also, give us your menu.lst.

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I have no idea what a menu.lst is


I have drive 1, which has 2 NTFS partitions on it. Part 1 is XP Pro, part 2 holds files.


Disk 2 is empty, this is what I want to install OSX to.


I have tried it with disk 2, no partitions, and with fat 32 partitions.


Same error.

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