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Help me! My Realtek HD intergrated sound is not detected.


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Hello. I recently installed mac 10.4.7 on my PC. The only problem i have at the moment is that my RealTek HD is not detected. I was wondering if there is a driver or a fix out their that will detect all 8 channels of my embedded sound chip on my mobo.


Btw, its a MSI K9VGM-V with the realtek HD sound. Also, is their a way to get 1440x900 on my x1650 yet?

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Hi guys sorry for my english, I'm French ...

I have the same motherboards you will tu use AppleHDAPatcher


Search it on the net the latest version is 1.20 now ... and you need to have the AC883.dump.text to inject.


This is a patcher how fix the Kext and all is working !!!! IN AND OUT and SPDIF


Search for that on the net, i have see all with research :)


You can maybe also help me ... i can't install now Leo on my PC can you explain how it works for you ?


My config K9VGM-V Athlon X2 4200 + for now i get an error when i tried to boot on the cd (Toh or Kalyway same error) with unknow SIGSEGV code 0


I've trying also with Pacisift (without booting on cd) but no way ...


Thank good luck and happy new year to everybody ...




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