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  1. SL on GA-EG31MF-S2 with Realtek 8111C

    Use the ES2L Kit method of installing Snow using a 8 GB flash drive. All works except for Audio which in my case didn't work even after DSDT Patch in 32 bit mode. There is a patched 64 bit AppleHDA.kext which makes even the audio work in 64bit mode. but i was preferring 32bit mode. How did you manage the audio. Does the board have Realtek ALC888 codec.
  2. GeForce 8400GS 256MB XFX Quartz Extreme: Not Supported

    You can also try adding EFI Strings for your particular card. I t works perfectly and no problem on Updates.
  3. GeForce 9400 GT not working

    Hi I am also planning to by 9400 GT and doing some research i found these materials here in the forum You can have a look and maybe it will help. 1. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=111072 2. The Better Information: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...141072&st=0
  4. 10.5.6 Released!

    I presently have 10.5.5 with the voodoo kernel release 1 as i cant use vanilla. I have a Pentium D 805 2.66 Ghz CPU and a Gigabyte Mobo GA-EG31MF-S2. Everything is working with 10.5.5. Can I update to 10.5.6 without the PC_EFI 9 and the DSDT Patching because Azimuth has been successful without all that. If anyone has tried on a similar system or can advise, please do.
  5. Update Issues 10.5.1 to 10.5.2

    hi thanks for the suggestion. I did use the IOPlatformPluginFamily.kext (got it from the 10.5.1 DVD using Pacifist). Backed up the original and replaced with the extracted 10.5.1 kext and repaired permissions. But the problem still persists. One thing though the modified date of the two kext are the same ie. wed 10 Oct 2007 5:43am. Only difference is 10.5.2 is version 3.1.2 and 10.5.1 is version 3.0.0 Any suggestions? My Specs: Processor: Pentium D 805 2.6 Ghz Mobo: Intel Board with ATI Xpress Chipset 400 SB RAM: 2 GB DDR2 PCIE: Nvidia 6200 TC EFI 8 installed with speedstep 9.2.0 kernel
  6. I have updated my leo 10.5.1 (kaly) to 10.5.2 using Kaly's Combo Update and then also updated the kernel and Leo Graphics Driver. All have gone well and have no other issues beside the longer boot time problem. while booting after the apple logo disappears there is a black screen for almost 30 seconds and only then my desktop loads which was not the problem with 10.5.1. All other things are fine after the system boots. Any help with this issue will be highly appreciated. My Specs: Processor: Pentium D 805 2.6 Ghz Mobo: Intel Board with ATI Xpress Chipset 400 SB RAM: 2 GB DDR2 PCIE: Nvidia 6200 TC EFI 8 installed with speedstep 9.2.0 kernel
  7. Generic USB2.0 (EHCI) Driver

    Hello OrByte. I have gone through this topic and are there any further developments on the "unable to get device memory error" for ATI SB400 Chipset mobo or is the "kiss of death" the final word.
  8. Leo running slow

    Hi everyone I solved the problem. elfdood was right. its was the problem with the mobo chipset driver. installed the kext AppleOnboardPCATA.kext and the problem was fixed. Please refer to topic below for more details on how to: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...=13197&st=0 This forum is really rich in its KB. Thanks to all the people involved. Keep it up!!!
  9. Leo running slow

    Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to some solutions. I forgot to mention. Tiger loaded in about 15 secs but Leo takes almost 4 mins. I am really hunting the forum for anyone with similar problems.
  10. Leo running slow

    I am quite a new entrant into the Mac World but have been figuring out problems and solving them with the help from the forum. Earlier I had Tiger 10.4.10 (XxX) and all worked except for the USB. All USB had to be disabled in BIOS or else there is a kernel panic (with install DVD as well as Tiger installed). But the good thing was It was very fast and i was impressed by the speed at which Tiger loaded and how the applications worked (much better than Vista). I have now installed Leo ToH R2. Surprisingly I didn't have to disable the USB even though there was a "USFB unable to get device memory error". USB still doesn't work. But the main problem was even the installation took about 2.5 hours and it is very slow compared to Tiger when working. Anyone had this problem?? Or is it because of my machine specs Processor: Pentium D 2.6 Ghz Mobo: Intel D102GCC2 RAM :1.5 GB DDR2
  11. If anyone had this problem or has a solution to it please help. The USB in my Intel D102GGC2 mobo doesnot work at all. I have to disable all USB in the BIOS. Only then can I boot into OS X. I have OS X 10.4.10 installed. All other things are working except for the USB. I get this error USBF : 17.748 AppleUSBEHCI [0x28d7800]::UIMInitialize - unable to get device memory Any help will be much appreciated Thanks in advance!!!
  12. for the realtek HD Audio to work you just need to install the azalia.audio package. Try this and let me know