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Will this work with uphuck.

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i have tried so many things to get osx to work on my laptop, but none will work.....


pc specs are,..


Toshiba M75(if that makes any diffrence)

1.7GHz intel prosesser

1GiG DDR Ram

SSE,SSE1, SSE 2 (or something like that)

and im using an external SATA hard drive (segate - freeagent)

and i have no idea what my graphics chip is... :S


im using VMware


its annying i really want to use osx and i cant.



please could someone give me some clarification if it will work or not with those spec's (means i can give up)



thanks if anyone can help


jammy :)

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I think downloading the installer and trying for yourself will get you a quicker answer then asking on the internet... ;)


There are literally thousands and thousands of PC models out there with more adding each year, so the chances that someone tried to install an unpopular OS like OSX on an unpopular laptop like yours are scarce... (I couldn't even find your laptop on the internet, so either you mistyped the model or it is simply uncommon)


I would gamble your CPU is SSE2, so simply choose the Intel SSE2 package and give it a shot.


Good luck!

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