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  1. Hello, I'm using PleaseSleep to solve my sleeping problems. The problem is that this program is auto-loaded at user login rather than at system startup. Is there any way to tell the computer to run this program at system startup? Thanks.
  2. Input Source Keeps Resetting

    SOLUTION: Netkas has released PC-EFI version 10.6 which addresses this exact issue. I simply replaced my (system root)\boot file with this version, restarted and problem solved! Thank you very much Netkas - your contribution to the community is much appreciated!
  3. Input Source Keeps Resetting

    Guys, thanks for the replies. So I tried to look for a corresponding plist in Library\Preferences, but there is none. I did find something in User\Library\Preferences and the file name is "com.apple.menuextra.textinput.plist". It had the same permissions as the other plists - User= Read+Write, Everyone= No Access. So I deleted the file and, keeping the User\Library\Preferences folder open, re-added the Hebrew language, expecting to see this plist get re-created by the system. The weird thing is that it didn't. The only option that caused this file to re-create is enabling "Show input source name". So the only explanation I can think of is that this file doesn't control the input source settings. I've attached my DSDT.aml file (audio chip=ALC 889A). I had to change the extension from .aml to .txt to upload the file. Thanks dsdt.txt
  4. Input Source Keeps Resetting

    Guys, any idea? I would really appreciate that.
  5. Hello, I'm running a vanilla 10.6.1 with (the amazing!) Chameleon 2.0 RC3 on the following system: ---------------- C2D E6550 GA-EP45-DS3R 8800GT 512MB 4GB RAM SATA HDD's & DVD DSDT.aml with Audio com.apple.Boot.plist w/ graphics string ---------------- I have a problem where the input source settings (System Prefs >Language & Text >Input Sources) keeps resetting to default (English only) whenever I log out / shut down / restart. I need to have two input sources, English and Hebrew, but whenever I log out the Hebrew input source is missing and I have to re-add it. I have two user accounts on this machine and the same problem happens on both user accounts. I tried repairing permissions but it didn't help. I thought that this might be a known bug but I seem to be the only one suffering from it. I have a SL 10.6.1 iMac at work and this problem doesn't exist there. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys
  6. ALC889A with DSDT.aml

    Dear checcco, Thanks to you I have sound!!!! My board is a GA-EP45-DS3R For some reason, your code (the second one) is the only one that iaslMe.app would compile to an .aml file. I've looked at so many other sources and all of them wouldn't compile. So thank you again!!!
  7. I guess I'll stick with 10.6.1 for my 8800GT 512 machine Nothing wrong with that at all
  8. Difference between OSX10.58 and OSX 10.6.1?

    Dear mothergoose729, Don't be offended by the vulgar behavior of he who calls himself "Embio". He is but a foolish child who thinks that he is special or better than others, but trust me, he is a nobody. One day, hopefully sooner than later, life will **SLAP** him so silly in his pink cheek it'll leave a burning scar. Maybe then he will learn to behave like a human being and treat others as... God forbid... equal (a concept his vain little brain cannot comprehend just yet). You have the right to ask any question you like, and no one can stop you, especially when it is done in an orderly and polite manner. As for you Mr. "Embio", I demand that you delete your SHAMEFUL and DISGRACEFUL post IMMEDIATELY. If you think you can talk to people like that you are very wrong. A proper forum should have a "Report as offensive" button. Well I'm reporting his post as one now!!!
  9. DFE's BOOT-132 Resources Thread

    Thanks for the link, but unfortunately it gives me the same error exactly... Any other ideas?
  10. DFE's BOOT-132 Resources Thread

    Hello I have a problem with Boot132 - My machine is an Intel E8400, Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3R (F10), nVidia 8800GT 512MB, SATA DVD & HD (AHCI mode). I'm trying to install OSX from an original retail 10.5.1 DVD and grub-dfe.iso (four kexts in total). I can boot into the installed system using the CD, but when I install "Chameleon for Hard Disk" (using the kexts from the CD + OpenHaltRestart.kext) the system stops with the following message: http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/8039/cimg0221small.jpg How can I get around this problem?
  11. Suddenly the system fails!

    Updated BIOS from F7 to F10 - didn't make any difference. Tried to install Windows XP and Windows 7 - both install just fine, meaning the hardware is functional. Any other ideas?
  12. Suddenly the system fails!

    OK I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS IN MY LIFE, and I support about 100 PC's I installed myself (with Windows naturally). I totally give up. I used a different RAM module and left all slots but the first one empty. Same thing happens. How can this possibly be? I replaced EVERY bit of hardware on this machine - this is no longer the same computer in essence, so how can I still experience this problem??? The software came from a CD. That couldn't have changed over time. The hardware was the same, so that couldn't have changed either. Assuming the hardware is faulty, I tried replacing everything. SO HOW CAN I STILL HAVE A PROBLEM??? (I'm sorry, I'm shouting out of frustration...). The situation is this: Current hardware: CPU = E8400 (replaced under warranty) MB = Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3R RAM = 1GB Kingston 800MHz CL5 GPU = 8800GT 512MB HD = SATA WD160 Installed system using Apple 10.5.1 DVD and Boot132 generic ISO. Installed Chameleon_DFE_for_Hard_Disk and used kexts from Boot132 CD + OpenHaltRestart.kext. When trying to boot from HD, system stopped with: disk0s1 unsupported mode Then I started the system from the CD. It will only boot using -x (Safe Boot). Booted in Safe Boot and updated system to 10.5.5 and tried to boot from HD. This is what I get: http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/8039/cimg0221small.jpg System will only boot using the CD and in Safe Boot (-x).
  13. Suddenly the system fails!

    After wasting some more hours on this stupid computer I tried replacing the graphics card. Of course that didn't help... I tried also taking out all the RAM modules but the first one, but that didn't help either. Memory is the last piece of hardware I didn't replace on this machine. What I STILL can do though is put a different RAM module (not any of the 4) in the first slot and leave all the other slots empty. Could be that that module is defective. I sure hope so! What's interesting is that 10.5.5 and 10.5.7 stop booting with different messages... Anyway, some more on that tomorrow! (If anyone has some more ideas I'd love to hear them of course)
  14. Suddenly the system fails!

    No I wasn't! Since this has started I replaced the motherboard to a GA-EP45-DS3R. I also replaced the CPU under warranty (to the same model, E8400). I also swapped a physical disk thinking the disk holds something that might cause this problem. The only things I didn't replace are the GPU card and RAM sticks. Surprisingly enough, the problem persists. Upon further investigation I noticed that since this problem started, I started getting a new message at the Boot132 boot process: It appears that when I boot in verbose mode I started getting the following message right before the "small" verbose text starts: Attempting to determine CPU Multiplier. If system reboots, RDMSR 198h causes a fault. Determined CPU:FSB multiplier to be 9 Measuring TSC frequency (e.g. CPU speed) CPU runs at 2999.710800 MHz BUS must therefore run at 333.301200 MHz This appears RIGHT BEFORE the small verbose text starts showing. Now I have another identical machine (except for the CPU which is an E6550) which was installed the same EXACT way using the same Leopard DVD and the same Boot132 CD. That system works perfectly and does NOT display the above message at all. Is this weird or what??? I must get this machine up and running... I'm really depressed now...
  15. Suddenly the system fails!

    OK, after drinking some green tea and practicing some yoga I revised the original post and made it as clear as possible. Any help will be GREATLY APPRECIATED. Thanks in advance.