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P5K-SE ICH9 all channels patch Enchaced mode in BIOS


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Good day Guys

I braking my brain but can`t patch ApplePIIXATA kext sources cause we need many work for supporting SATA channels 3 and 4 for ICH9

But using AppleVIAATA kext I add some code and make it possible to use 1 2 3 and 4 channels 8)))

This is the shot for working channels


Patch is for Tiger 10.4.*

Patch U can install from website in my signature

Installation only for P5K-SE with pci id`s 0x29268086 and 0x29218086

1. Revert any kext patches for your SATA chipset

2. Install kext from attachement against current in your system

3. Fix permissions using Dusk Utility

4. Remove file:///System/Library/Extensions.kextcache and file:///System/Library/Extensions.mkext

5. Reboot and post bugs here

Other id`s will be added in feature after a good status for this motherboard

Good Luck!!!


And for adding support for others ICH9 psi ID`s please post for me your real ID`s (not heared elsewhere)

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