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Make Your Tiger Roar Like A Leopard!

microsoft whiz

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The Mission:

Make Your Mac OSX Tiger Look As Much Like Leopard As Possible, Without

Spending A Dime (Until Trialware Expires)


Skill Level: Very Easy


Approx Time: 15 Minutes


Step 1: Downloads

(All Right Here For Ya)

1. Liger By Spiderlama

2. ClearDock

3. Shape Shifter


Step 2: Cleardock


  • Open Up The cleardock-141.dmg on your desktop
  • Run The Installer

  • Open up the shapeshifter-25.dmg on your desktop
  • Run The Installer

  • UnZip Liger_by_spiderlama.zip
  • Run The Install (Liger.pkg) you won't see .pkg just Liger
  • Log In And Out

Make Sure if you see something that says ligerdock needs something enabeled (i forget what) click it and enable what it asks for or else it won't work. ( If you accidentally missed this restart the computer and it will pop-up again)


Step 3: Put On The Theme


  • Go to the folder where you UnZipped Liger_by_spiderlama
  • Copy Liger.GuiKit to your dekstop
  • Open Up Your Documents Folder
  • Copy Liger.GuiKit In The Documents Folder
  • Open Up System Preferences
  • On the bottom under other click on ShapeShifter
  • Click The Apply Tab On The Top
  • Click The + Sign On The Bottom Left And Navigate To Your Documents Folder And Click On Liger.GuiKit
  • Now Click On The The Down Arrow On Themes And Select Liger, Do The Same For Icon Sets And Desktop Pictures
  • Click Apply Changes
  • Your Desktop Should Now Look Like This:

The Below Image Is If You Accidentally Didn't Click On The Message I Talked About Earlier




  • This Image Is For If You Did Click OK (Notice The Difference Near The Dock)


Now It Should Look Like This:



(Pretty Close, I Know

:boxing: )


Step 4: ClearDock

NOTE: Your Dock Might Have Already Gone Clear By Now If So Skip This, But Double Check Anyway

  • Open Up System Preferences
  • On The Bottom Under Click Application Enhancer
  • On The Left Side Click ClearDock
  • UnCheck Re-Color The Dock Background
  • Your Desktop Should Now Look Like This:
  • 551.jpg

Step 5: All Done


Will Edit Post As Soon As Reflective icons are done



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