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Motherboard BIOS Setup Parameters!


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Hello everybody!


I downloaded "Tubgirl OSX 10.4.10 AMD Test 1" and tried to install it yesterday. I need to say that it was the best installer for my computer (AMD with NForce 4 Chipset and SATA HD). The load process was very fast comparated with others. But I didn't install it yet because some errors occurs during install process.


First an error occur after the installer load. When the Language Chooser windows appeared an error occured saying that the installatin processo couldn't continue because an error and tell me to view error log. I saw it and I didn't found any kind of error which appear to be important. So I reboot my PC and entered at BIOS Setup of motherboard and disable SYSTEM BIOS CACHEABLE and ENABLE KEYBOARD AND MOUSE USB SUPPORT. After it I reload the installer perfectly. But when it's veryfing the DVD installation media it show me a message saying that an error was detected but I can choose IGNORE & CONTINUE. I pressed this buttom and at the middle of installation process an error occured asking me to reboot the system and initiate all the process again.


Resuming, some information about what I did:


at motherboard BIOS:





selectioned packages at installation process:

all that corresponded to my hardware, like ATI X1600, X11 and I dismarked all packages used to translate Operation System. (I'll use English support only).


I already read about some people that needed to dismark ATI X1600 support during installation process and install it after the installation process. It's true?!


Anybody know if I need to disable/enable some parameters at motherboard BIOS Setup?!


My hardware configuration is the follow:

Processor: AMD Atlhon 63 3800+

Motherboard: ABIT KN8 SLi

Chipset: NForce 4

Storage: 2 x SATA (160GB and 120GB)

Graphic Card: ATI X1600

Memory: 2GB


Please, reply me people!!! =D


My best regards!

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I always set my HDD detection mode to MANUAL to avoid cryptic errors: go to your BIOS HDD section, select the drive you want to configure, press autodetect and when the BIOS has the data, set it to MANUAL and the current values will be saved and remain so until you either reset them by hand or switch back to AUTO mode.



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